You Can Now Overcome The Issues With The Downtime Of The Site Due To Security Issues

If you are going to invest in WORDPRESS for the first time, you are likely to wonder, if these modules are worthy of your money.  Let’s explore the key points in this regard.

Core scanner and Malware Scanner that keep your site secured and safe

The best part about these modules is that it comes with features like Core Scanner and Malware scanner that makes it easier to evaluate the condition of the WP Core files, and the mechanism to scan the themes, uploaded files, and the Plugins, to stay safe from the suspicious elements. 

Database management is not going to threaten you anymore

In addition, it comes with the Database organizer feature that will enable you to speed up the process of adding content to the site. This feature will fix the issues with unwanted data, just with a click, keeping sufficient space for the necessary and critical data. Hence, adopting these resources, database management is not going to be a challenging task anymore.

Events Logger- stay informed about everything happening on your site

One of the best features is the Events Logger that keeps you updated about everything happening with your site. This feature will allow you to log, monitor, as well as track 50+ events, happening on your site, and you will get the complete details of these activities. This includes the actions of the users, editing the posts, as well as the widest scope of changes.

Cloud Firewall- the most robust mechanism for your site

The module includes the cloud firewall feature that will ban more than 600 million IPs that offer challenges to the safety and security of your site. Thus, your site and its content stay safe from the challenges of the evil forces. Thus, the site will never go to the downtime phase,  due to security issues.

Auto Fixer- fixing security issues were never so easy

Another worthy feature is that of the Auto fixer that can fix all the security issues, just with a single click. This feature will enable you to escape the needs to perform actions file editing, creating backups, and fix other security issues manually. This is one of the features that makes it all the easier for the users to maintain the safety and security aspects of their sites. No wonder, the reviews have been highly positive in favor of these features. enjoys the trust and reliance of the bloggers and the masters of the WORDPRESS sites, offering the most robust security solutions to secure these sites.