Work with the Latest in 13 in Gaming Ultrabook Specs

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A gaming computer works like a NASA computer of video games. It has speed, great graphics, storage, and a nice view from the monitor. The device has a strong hard drive ready to take on numerous downloads and a memory that keeps everything in order. 

Whether playing or working this computer handles the full gauntlet of activities. The 13 in Gaming Ultrabook specs is a workhorse by day and a gaming platform by night. See how a 13 in computer is shaped to enhance use and mobility. 


Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 620 
Display: 13.3 in. QHD+ Touch 
Keyboard: Anti Ghosting 
Storage: 256GB SSD 
Processor: Quad-Core 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 8550U 

Pointing Device– HP has a sophisticated control region managing multi-touch signals working smoothly without on/off switches. The touch pad is operates remarkably well. Players can use clicking action; adjust pad sensitivity, scroll, and update. 

Memory– In this laptop/gaming machine get 16GB dual-channel memory, A possible 1TB PCle SSD of storage, with a Quad-Core 8th Gen/Dual Core 7th Gen processor. 

Microphone/Sound– The ability to transmit sound to a device and to hear information is essential when using the PC. This resource is heightened during gaming. The sound and the use of the microphone enhance the gaming experience, the latest sound version, Intel Core i7- 8550U gives up to 4.0GHz in sound. Take a step back to the Intel Core i7-7500 U and get 3.5 GHz. 

This gaming machine weighs only three pounds and is a smooth traveling companion. It is an easy fit practically anywhere and travels light. The speed of this PC is amazing, with a productivity increase of 30%. Play the game and advance when other players are facing lag with a lesser PC. Now, hold new technology in your hands with this PC. 

Video graphics– This device has nice graphics, and for even more video graphic fun, it converts into a superior gaming machine as a desktop. Challenge the gaming giants and watch the Gaming Ultrabook take the heat. 

Keyboard– A lucrative selection of colors provides users with a means of customizing the keyboard. Click the keys and open 16. Million colors, while creating documents, searching the web, or playing games. 

Battery– This special battery holds a charge all day, up to 10 hours. Most only last a few hours. However, with this device, if you should forget to bring the battery, there is no need to rush back for a charge. Move on with the day as planned. 

Ports are versatile, connecting to other devices giving you a variety of options. It operates with a PCI Express and Display port. Use a HDMI; connect DVI and VGA with adapter. 

A game enjoys the play and needs a great PC to manage every level of the game. In the middle of the game, the last thing a gamer wants is to deal with poor quality graphics, bad sound, and difficult keyboard management. Everything needed for smooth work and play in built into this computer.