Will Content Marketing Work for My Business?

Are you a Digital Marketing savvy type that loves spending time building the “brand,” and creating content? If so, you probably don’t need this article. However, if you are a business owner that enjoys doing things the old-fashioned way, keep reading.

You may be thinking to yourself, I built a successful business long before all of this content nonsense even existed. Why would I need content marketing?

The short answer is we all need content marketing. And without it, your business will stagnate. But, let’s take a few steps back.

What exactly is content anyway?

Simply put, content is your message. Any valuable and relevant information that you pass along to current and prospective customers is your content. Sharing this information through a variety of channels, like, your website, a blog, social media,  and email reinforces the idea that you are an expert in your industry. From this point forward, you want to start to look at your message as your virtual handshake. That upon which you will build trusting relationships with consumers.

How (and why) does my message become content marketing?

When your written or video content is uploaded to your blog or social media sites, there are certain aspects of your message that will resonate with online search engines. Certain keywords, for instance, will tell search engines that your content should rise to the top when a person inputs something into their search bar. Beyond that, if your content is genuine and compelling, after some time, it will be shared or linked within other content, letting the search engines know that you are a force in your industry.

Why? Because you want your business to be relevant and you have marketing goals that must be met. Perhaps you are still building your business and acquiring new customers is your primary goal, or you may just want to maintain your current client list. In either case, you will come to appreciate content marketing benefits.

What are these benefits?

Brand awareness –

If people in your target audience are discussing or sharing information about your industry or service, you want your business name to be a part of that conversation.

Be viewed as an authority –

As a newbie to the content marketing game, this one might take a while. However, you should have this in your sights. Many marketers and content mills are drowning us with rubbish content, lacking any true value, stuffed with keywords hoping to eke out a top spot in the search engines. Quality content, created with integrity, containing relevant and valuable information will attract a following.

Drive traffic to your site –

When people find your content online, they are led to your site where they learn what they need to know about your products or services. This will often lead to both direct and indirect customer conversions.

Search Engine Optimization –

High-quality content should get you natural editorial links. Other sites linking to your content shows search engines that you are an authority and should be positioned accordingly.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Developing a successful content marketing plan will take time, and while the benefits are guaranteed, we are not talking about instant gratification by any stretch.