Why To Choose GEA Business Alarm Security Systems & Services?

GEA is Melbourne based security systems and monitoring services provider. The company has over 25 years of experience in offering hi-tech security products, solutions and services to residential, commercial and industrial clients all over Australia. The company has a team of highly professional and qualified security experts, technicians and monitoring staff which takes care of all clients round the clock. It leaves no stone unturned in offering highest level of security to all types of spaces in Australia.Inline image 2

Business alarm systems

Broadly, the company offers 3 types of security products.

  • Alarm System Monitoring:  The company is specialises in offering reliable, safe and secure alarm systems that protect you from all types of threats. Once installed, every component is tested on daily basis along with reports from client’s security system send instantly to the control room everyday in order to keep monitoring on every action. There are various types of detectors offered by the company including motion detector, glassbreak detectors, smoke detectors, warning devices, duress buttons, control panels, remote arming, gas sensors, temperature sensors etc in order to protect you from all types of dangers apart from robberies.
  • CCTV Cameras Installers: The company offers a widest range of CCTV and IP cameras along with latest technology including dome cameras, miniature hidden cameras, colour cameras, video systems and monitors. The company also offers front door video intercoms to full home video surveillance. The team of professional installers do all types of installations anywhere and at anytime.
  • Access Control: At GEA, one can also discover various access control systems through code pad, swipe card or token systems. From basic to advanced access control systems, the company offers all for all types of spaces including residential, commercial and industrial. The access systems can be setup in different ways including fingerprint scanning, keypads needing PIN, card readers or swipe system.

The GEA also offers monitoring services in collaboration with professional monitoring company in order to offer round the clock security and update clients about all types of emergencies to take an instant action. One can also discover special super saving security monitoring packages to save a lot of money.