Why People Are Switching To Fibre Connection And Why Should You

Fibre optic cables are the new standard for a speedy internet. This is because the speed of light has always been faster in transferring data. Making both upstream and downstream increase by tenfold or even more. This is the reason why more people wanted to witch to a fibre broadband connection (if it’s available in their are that is).

Fibre or fiber optics is the best broadband connection today, it’s speed is incomparably and amazingly fast. The usual question all the time if people can avail fiber optics connection from their internet service provider. If their hardware are worthy enough to harness the speed that these lines can offer. Of course, faster and more advanced technology is pricey, so the question that you need to ask yourself if it’s really necessary for you to get one.

Fibre optics connection: Fibre optics are the new “thing” right now when it comes to broadband connection, and if you are wondering about what the speed of sound translates to then you need to try this connection. What does this increase of internet mean? It just means that your upload time and download time will be ten times faster or more. More videos and photos to upload, move videos to download and more movies to stream easily. Of course the speed will vary based on the files that you download and upload, like MP4 files for example are faster because it’s the leser, while data in 4k will require a bit of time.

The upstream and downstream: Basically your data is categorized into two, the upstream (upload) and downstream (download). For most people that dont know this, there is actually a limit on the downstream and upstream. Some has their downstream increased and upstream lowered, while some internet plans have higher upstream, some has it set evenly. Why is it set up this way? It’s for companies to efficiently provide you with the service that you need. If you are a youTuber, You would want a plan that has an increased upstream so that you can upload your videos a bit faster. If you are mostly streaming mostly in 4k you would want your downstream to be higher and so on.

Is there a need to switch to Fibre: Do you really need one? You don’t really need one most of the time, but if you’re watching 4k videos all the time in your ultra HD television, it’s kinda become this need especially when your handling large amounts of files for work and even for entertainment. You might not need it, but eventually you will. Fort the people that got so used with 4G, people are already seeing the limitations, the best option is Fibre. You might not see that need for it now but if slowly 4k and even a higher resolution that will be invented in the future will become the  new standard in the future, fibre connection will be a need.

For office or for home use, there is nothing better than a fibre connection. It’s fast, reliable and keeps you up to speed. If you are a person or has a business that handles large amounts of data on a daily basis, aside from viewing and downloading 4k data, this can drastically help with efficiency.