Why Opt for Custom Ecommerce Website Development

Are you planning on launching an ecommerce business? Now is a great time as the market is booming—it’s estimated that ecommerce will account for 22% of the world retail sales by 2023. But not everyone is capitalizing on that—one-third of SMBs in the US don’t offer their products online. An effective ecommerce website might set you ahead of the competition—and to build one, it’s best to opt for custom web development. It makes even more sense if you already have a store online but feel that you’ve overgrown your out-of-the-box website solution.

Benefits of hiring a web development company

Most popular CMSs have evolved enough to offer a lot of customization options and room for scalability. Systems like WordPress remain a cost-effective solution for many businesses: while letting you fill up your website with content, they take care of mobile-friendliness, image optimization, and many other important details. With the number of ecommerce plugins to choose from and CMSs that specialize in ecommerce, you have a lot of tools at hand to incorporate the functions you need.

However, going with ready-to-use templates will never allow you to fully unlock the potential of your business. Custom web development can be based on your very specific requirements and thus be more helpful for your target audience. Hiring back-end and front-end developers or a whole dedicated team will cost you more but will bring you the following benefits:

  • Unique design and seamless UX. You’re not limited to existing themes and elements so you can create a website that best fits your business and visualizes your particular ideas.
  • Easy integrations. You will need a lot of third-party integrations: payment gateways, warehouse management systems, POSs, analytical tools, social media logins, and so on. Any integration takes a good deal of effort and your best choice would be to trust this process to professionals.
  • Scalability. Custom development allows for greater scalability and you’ll be able to adjust and expand website functionality according to the behavior of real users and the needs of your customers.
  • Ongoing support. Pre-made solutions won’t be there for you to solve issues with your website performance, but hired professionals will.
  • A/B testing. By choosing custom development, you’ll be able to carry out various tests and monitor which features, offers, and designs engage your visitors.
  • Control over SEO parameters. Thanks to direct communication with developers, you can avoid many typical SEO mistakes like duplicate pages and wrong content getting indexed. 

In the long run, custom ecommerce web development ensures that a site loads fast, is easy to use, and has features that maximize the level of conversion. It’s particularly helpful to custom-build a website if you have modifiable products, specialized shipment options, or a lot of systems to integrate with.

It’s true that ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento, especially the latter, are highly customizable and can handle a lot of integrations. But it’s hard to manage their possibilities without a web developer—there’s an option to hire engineers specializing in the platform of your choice and let them build custom features and modules. This might be a compromise between full-on custom development and a one-size-fits-all solution.