If you have had your own website for even just a few months, you have heard over and over about the importance of obtaining incoming links from quality websites. But, how do you find quality websites, what is the criteria of “quality”? and then, how do you convince the other webmasters that they should link to your site? Which webmasters should you approach? What to say to them? The more we research ‘how to get links’, the more complex it can get.

To make matters worse, there are some types of websites that almost no one wants to give a link. In fact, most commercial sites have a very difficult time getting incoming links. A good example would be a shopping site. If I own a shopping site that sells towels and other linen and your site is about sports, would you really want to link to my site? The link will not hurt you, but, what will your visitors think when they are reading your site and they see a link about bedsheets and such?Image result for WHY NO ONE WILL LINK TO YOUR SITE AND HOW TO OVERCOME THAT

For another example, let’s say that you are the one with the towels and linen shopping site and my site is a casino site. Your visitors come to your site to check the quality and prices of curtains or bedsheets and they see a link a casino site. They think “huh?”. Again, that link will not hurt you, but itcould be confusing for visitors.

Many search engine optimization, (SEO), gurus or experts will say that the answer would be to get links from within the same niche. So, for your linen shopping site, you look for sites in the home accessories niche and what you find is actually your competitors. You see that they are ranking well in google.com and that in itself can be depressing. Why would these top ranking sites link to your site? Why would they send their potential customers to your site?

There are other SEO experts that advise you to get links from related sites, but not actually in the same niche. An example for your linen shopping site might be to try to get a link from a home remodeling site. This is better, so you research home remodeling in google and approach some of those webmasters asking for a link to your linen site. But, the same question still arises: why should they link to your linen shopping site? What’s in it for them?

The obvious answer might be to pay them! Yet, if you have to pay a fee for an incoming link, your expenses are going to add up quickly in order to get enough links so that your own site ranks well in google.

The best answer would be to put something on your site that is interesting, valuable, and helpful so that the other sites want to link to it. A good example is Pokies Toplist because instead of “selling” all sorts of casino stuff, their homepage has a ton of valuable information and reviews about casinos.

In order to accomplish this on your own site, you will need to put on your creative-thinking cap. Good luck!