Why Is Blogging So Popular?

In order to clarify your doubts read the article if you are serious about blogging!

Overview on the History of Blogging

When blogging came into the social platform it would consist of a journal which would enable the bloggers to pen down their day to day experiences in the personalised web. It was more of a diary back then. This would be considered as a “web log”. The word “blog” has been derived from this word “web log”.

As time passed, entrepreneurs started to derive a marketing benefit from blogs and from then onwards blogging has taken into attracting the audience to the reads. The blogging platform is not only useful for marketing but also helps in setting up in home business setups.

Difference Between a Blog and a Website

There are particular features which makes a blog stand apart from a website performing traditional tasks. Many entrepreneurs tend to use both a website and a blog which gets clubbed into one and hence confusing newbies who would want to invest their time in blogging. There are two main aspects of blogging over websites:

  • Frequent updates on a blog is necessary. It does not matter what the blog is about, a fictional story or a day to day personalised view to particular segments, food blog, parent’s blog, a fashion blog, liberal blogs or anything else. A constant update keeps the readers glued to the blog, hence increasing audience.
  • A blog is usually considered as a social media platform as it offers the readers to comment and communicate with the author of the blog in order to bring about a discussion on a social platform.

Popularity of Blogging

Entrepreneurs use blogging as a social tool these days to communicate to their audience and diversify their marketing strategies.

  • The blogging of a content is controlled by Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engines are always on the prowl for new and unique content which does not copy the content of another.
  • Easy to access as the user interface of Tumblr, WordPress and others have developed user friendly GUIs in order to eliminate usage hassles.
  • Readers can be attracted from any platform to start upon a discussion or help them communicate with the author of the blog. The articles are made easy to read and follow is what makes it advantageous.
  • The viewers if the blog can be easily tracked as the website will give access to the viewers information.
  • It might be advantageous if the blogging extracts money from its content openings. If the writer knows the right keywords, blogging will be a cakewalk, so will the income generated from it.
  • Blogging has now become famous and people are also employed to blog for their companies. As the social platform has gained momentum, setting up one’s own blog is free of cost. The content quality and frequency of posts would increase blog traffic and would help increase connections, trust and a good rapport with the world. Since people are able to comment on posts, the knowledge would also widen its horizons along with their expertise.

Final Verdict

To every thing related to the internet, there are several advantages and several snags to counterbalance it. For a blog to flourish one must be patient enough to let the efforts pay off. In this case, increasing the frequency of contents and prevention on the stagnation of the same topic or being repetitive helps gain footage amongst readers.