Why get Dedicated servers with WebHostFace Hosting Company?

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With the WebHostFace Dedicated Servers, you get full access to a physical server over which you have exclusive and complete control and you can have a variety of applications. These applications use the entire hardware resource of the server without being shared by other clients.

The hired server gives you many more benefits like:

  • the ability to store and manage huge volumes of data;
  • the ability to customize your software and hardware settings to maximize the performance and performance of your installed applications;
  • adequate hardware support for the server and a short response time for a hardware problem.
  • Serving a dedicated server is a suitable solution for deploying websites with many visitors, business management systems and business organization (ERP, CRM, warehouse programs), large databases and files, e-shops and more.

Full control over the server

By choosing a hired server you will have:

  • Full root access to a physically separate server
  • The ability to use 100% of server resources and have an unlimited number of sites, domains, subdomains, email accounts, databases, and more.
  • possibility to install specific software like: Node.js, NoSQL Databases (MongoDB, RavenDB, CouchDB, etc.), Ruby On Rails, Django framework, Subversion (SVN) server, GIT repository, Memcache, FFMPEG Tomcat) and many others;
  • Confidence and peace of mind that you do not have to deal with other clients on the server and possible difficulties in your site’s work because of the intense workload they generate.

Customization capability

By choosing a hired server from WebHostFace, you can enhance the capabilities of your server with additional features that best suit the needs of your online projects. When ordering a rented server, you can choose:

  • additional BackUp space on a separate server for greater security of your data;
  • control panel for easier and faster administration of your hosting account;
  • additional IP addresses in case your online projects require it;
  • RAID controller that delivers additional security and speed of data processing;
  • possible to replace solid state (HDD) drives with SSD to speed up server performance.

Reliability and security for large sites generating a lot of traffic

The private server is more reliable than other hosting solutions for large online projects. This is what makes it more productive. Whether your site generates high traffic every day or receives multiple uploads of high-resolution photos and videos, the hired server will quickly and efficiently deliver content to visitors. For our part, you get free hardware support for the server and a short response time for a hardware problem.

Technique of proven quality

When choosing a technique, WebHostFace only trusts proven brands with which we have been working for 6+ years. So you get a guarantee of high-quality service, and the sites hosted with us are always online thanks to the reliable and proven hardware we use. The technical equipment is located in different data centers in the most widely used and high authority datacenters in USA, Europe and Asia.


With a Dedicated server from WebHostFace, you can rely on reliability and high performance when storing and processing data. This is due to the parallel execution of I / O processes, thanks to RAID technology. For better server performance, you can choose the option for an SSD disk array. With SSD technology, data processing is many times faster. Sites placed on the server are loading faster, which improves the user experience and is taken into account when positioning sites on Google.

A huge variety of hardware configurations

If your online projects require a more specific configuration, do not hesitate to contact WebHostFace. In addition to standard offers, they also offer other server configurations, at extraordinary prices, with no time contract.