Why an SEO agency is better than in-house

So you’ve decided to implement a SEO strategy to your business but don’t know whether you should hire a SEO agency or go with an in-house team. If you are serious about your efforts and want your website to gain the full benefits from search engine optimisation you are better off going with a third party and here’s why.

Widen your perspective

Opting to go with an in-house team may seem viable as they have the company experience and can offer a more intimate strategy, however their view and knowledge can be very limited. If you’re working internally it can be hard to see the broader picture that SEO has to offer. Their efforts could be focussed on a certain aspect that senior leadership wants addressed. Although other factors could be important in making sure that the wider picture is seen.

An SEO agency has access to many different clients and has to knowledge to see innovations and trends that internal workers could not. Their perspective is not limited as they have the resources available to research upcoming strategy. The deeper knowledge can translates to being able to implement a more comprehensive strategy that can yield better results than an in-house effort.

Dedicated resources

In-house teams only have a certain amount of resources to devote on their SEO efforts. If something happens in the company they may have to stop their research and focus on a matter than is seen as more important.

On the other hand a SEO agency focusses on solely your search engine optimisation efforts exclusively. No company hiccups will damper the implementation or creation of your digital marketing strategies. Having a team that is more focussed will ensure that the strategies are of a higher quality as they don’t have to deal with a stop and start nature.

More people with more knowledge

The major contrast is that a third party taking control of your digital marketing will have a lot more people on hand to work with the project who are a lot more knowledgeable than someone in-house. Their experience and skillset would be seriously lacking in comparison and additionally they wouldn’t be able to handle as much work as a whole firm.

Agencies have numerous amounts of people who even specialise in certain aspects. If you’ve tried to implement a strategy beforehand and it has failed you can get someone to analyse the problem and fix it accordingly.

The collaboration between the areas of SEO specialists is what will really make your strategy shine.

More tools and resources

Companies doing their SEO in-house are hinder by the amount of tools and resources that are available to them. Many agencies are Google partners which is a prestigious title that successful and trustworthy businesses have the honour of achieving. This title comes with extra privileges, such as more resources about the analytics of websites and keywords.

Tools that could traditionally be too expensive for smaller businesses could already have been purchased and used by a third party. Their expertise across multiple tools is a huge benefit that in-house teams simply don’t have.

While many companies have specific needs when it comes to SEO, generally your best bet would be to see an SEO agency like SEO Shark. They just have more experience and tools on hand in order to fully maximise your resources and time.

Additionally they can teach you along the way, giving you pointers or even training session. The extra knowledge will aid in making sure that any future content or even your website is optimised better and seen as a trustworthy site from various search engine ranking algorithms.