Which Is The Best Archiver Program Found?

Archive means a file whose ‘archive” attribute is turned on, which means that the file is flagged to be archived.

To find that let’s check first what archiver means? An archiver is a program which combines various files together in a one archive file; they can also create multiple archive files. The benefit is that you can easily store the files or transport the files.

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Archiver is a file compression tool. Programs such as 7-ZIP, PeaZip, ZIP, RAR, etc., are file archiver programs.

Advantages of Data Compression:

  • Less disk space (more data in reality)
  • Faster writing and reading
  • Faster file transfer
  • Variable dynamic range
  • Byte order independent

Why Data Protection Is Necessary For Business?

  • Comprehensive and reliable data protection
  • Better control over restoring data
  • Automatic and secure offsite electronic vaulting
  • A complete data protection solution
  • Immediate data restoration
  • Improved security
  • Enhanced ability to demonstrate compliance
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Greater reliability in recovering all data
  • Freedom from routine backup and restore tasks

What makes ArchiverFS the best archiver?

Few advantages of ArchiverFS:

  • UNC path to UNC path: The new ArchiverFS software allows moving files from any old UNC path to any other UNC path.
  • Start to Finish: From the beginning to the end NTFS files and folders are used. No metadata is stored in storage device offering major scalability and extremely efficient.
  • Immediate Content Access: ‘Direct File Access’ is effective to immediately access contents.
  • Stubs: Several kinds of stubs available to be placed on the places where there were files when the files are used somewhere else.
  • Unique 3 Tier Hierarchical System: Three tier storage assemblies consist of Archived, Live and Graveyard stages.

There are more additional features which you can learn click here to learn about. These all makes ArchiverFS the best in the market available today.