Where to Put A Radar Speed Display to Optimize Traffic Calming Effectiveness

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Installation of a radar speed display is one of the first and efficient means of slowing down a busy road. This helps the driver to become aware of how fast they are traveling. But this can only be possible if the display is installed in an appropriate location. Let’s look at a few important tips to ensure that your speed display is installed for the more efficient result

Mount it high

You need to ensure that your portable radar speed display is placed about 5 to 6 feet above the ground. This way, you’re sure it is above any car that is pulled over or parked in front of it. This position will also ensure that the sign is visible to other drivers who may be approaching. The higher the radar speed display is mounted, the better the effectiveness.

Angle it properly

The 20 to 30-degree viewing angle which is peculiar to most LEDs on radar speed displays easily fade out of view as you drive by. This will help drivers not to confuse their speed with the car approaching in front or behind them. Again, as they get close to the sign, they would have to look at the display rather than looking ahead down the road.

Choose the best location

Where the traffic is free-flowing on a straight stretch of road is usually the best location for the radar speed display. Why? This is because the location has the best visibility to the driver and so provides the highest effectiveness. As this location may not always be available you may need to test out the location by approaching the sign in your vehicle. Let the approach to the sign be long enough to help any driver see and be able to process the speed displayed and take appropriate action. This should be done in places with less or no distractions.

Avoid cross streets, curves, and hills

In addition to the vehicles you are trying to calm, the display might pick up cars from the street especially if there’s a cross street or busy intersection in the view of the radar display. This is why it is important to avoid hindrances by moving the sign as far away as possible. This will reduce the radar display sensitivity to cross traffic.

With the lightweight and portability of the current radar speed displays, it can be easily attached to any street sign and adjusted for oncoming traffic. It is important to follow the tips to ensure an effective use of the radar speed display. However, if you are yet to get a radar speed sign for your neighborhood, you should check out Traffic Logix radar speed signs for sale.