What You Can Handle With the Instagram Following Process

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It is no longer a secret, Social Media today is an integral part of the life of every successful business. Knowing how to exploit the potential of these platforms very often represents a turning point for one’s brand, but one must know how to do it.

Instagram continues to grow and expand, becoming a real opportunity for an increasing number of retailers and brands with its:

  • 500 million active users per month
  • 300 million active users daily
  • 4.2 billion likes per day
  • 95 million post days a day

This image sharing application is not only suitable for restaurants and travel companies, as many think; having become a powerful tool in recent years to strengthen its brand, Instagram has now been used successfully by any type of company. You can make a visit to https://getplusfollowers.com/ and get the best deals now.

  • In today’s marketing world, where knowing how to generate emotions is the key to getting the consumer’s attention, a platform like Instagram has enormous potential.
  • Forrester, an important research institute in the United States, has classified Instagram as “King of social engagement”, thanks to its impressive top brand engagement rate of 4.21%, which is 58 times that of Facebook.
  • But how can you take the reins of this powerful tool and guide it successfully? The first step is, as often happens with social media, to have a clear identity of your brand, the message you want to communicate and decide what makes you different from other existing Instagram accounts.

Once you find your advantage of differentiation, you can then begin to apply a winning strategy to your Instagram page. Here are 6 best practices to help you get the most out of the most important visual Social.

  1. Use high quality images

Instagram is a social network totally focused on visuality. The care and quality of the images and videos present therefore must necessarily be at the top of the “must do “. Therefore, it tries to produce high definition elaborated images with meticulous attention to detail. But be careful that these details do not distract too much attention from the main subject of the image: the focus must always remain on the central message.

  1. Tell a story

Instagram gives us the opportunity to tell stories through our content. Whether they are photos or videos, the important thing is to involve the public in a story in which they feel they are protagonists. Stories are a great opportunity to show your brand in a different light, which does not necessarily mean doing rebranding, but taking the opportunity to tell the qualities of your product that you haven’t been able to express so far. In order to involve your audience, you need to convey emotion in your posts, by using emojis like the clapping emoji, which invokes the emotion of happiness and amazement. Also don’t forget to use the caption, one of the most neglected components of Instagram! A good description of the photo will give more depth to your post, giving you the opportunity to include details and details not visible in the image. In writing the description of the image, try to use humor and be synthetic, because Instagram is still a visual based social media.