What to do When You Find Out Your Laptop Battery isn’t Charging?

When you purchase a laptop, your battery generally gives you around 6-7 hours of backup. But after the warranty goes off, your battery gradually starts giving you lesser backup.

If your laptop will not hold a charge, will not charge totally, or will not charge in any way, you might require a new battery. Fortwo to four years batteries of a laptop stays fine, although how you use and charge it will determine how long it is going to run.

If its life is ending, your OS may warn you with a red “X” over your battery symbol in your tools tray. If it doesn’t show, you can also use a third-party program to see what capability your battery has left.

If there is a problem with your batter, here are the most usual issues that might call for fixing or replacing your battery:

  • Laptop Battery

This repair service is among the easiest for most laptop and only sets you back as long as a substitute battery, although a few laptop versions might not let you open up the battery area as well as will need you to deliver the laptop to the producer for laptop repair.

  • Adapter Wire

Another factor the battery will not charge is that your charging cord is not functioning. This is a very easy replacement.

  • ChargingPort

If the sign light doesn’t come on when you attach your battery charger to your laptop, or it does however just when you hold the charger at a specific angle, you might have a broken laptop charging port.

Charging port repair services do require you to have a professional open your laptop as well as make the repairs internally; however, it is usually a fast work for them, so components and labor expenses should be reasonable.