What makes CodeIgniter an Ideal for Business Applications?

CodeIgniter is a globally used PHP framework used to create inventive and appealing website, web apps and ecommerce stores. Because of its versatility, it is a very popular amongst software development company. It is light in weight yet has a powerful set of library which makes it ideal for complete web development. People who want to set a business website should rely on CodeIgniter and use its features for the development of their ecommerce website. Here are some of the features which make CodeIgniter ideal for business applications:


CodeIgniter has a simple structure. It is very convenient to understand and learn. A Codeigniter development company USA is proficient at the new libraries and the way they can be put to use in a business website. There are several help resources available in different forms like tutorials, documentation and guides. The developers can alter the framework as per the need and requirement of the client and design a website which matches your business requisition in the best possible way.


Safety is an important feature for all online websites to run their right because it includes confidential details of their customers. CodeIgniter has a sturdy security feature which helps in the development of a safe website. The encryption and decryption spec allows the developer to add to the protection of the site.


CodeIgniter offers perfect solution to handle the complications of developing multi-functional ecommerce sites. The developers aren’t restricted to limited coding rules. They have flexibility in the coding to create sites as per the client’s business requirements.

Installation is not required

Another reason why CodeIgniter is highly recommended for business is because it doesn’t require installation like other PHP frameworks. You just have to upload the files to the directory to run the framework. The procedure is hassle-free.

Simple error handling

CodeIgniter eases error handling job as it has several error managing techniques. Writing a single code is sufficient to wipe out all the errors from the screen. Even error detection is convenient and can be resolved with precision and speed.

MVC architecture

The framework works on MVC architecture. It means that data structure is presented through model, user-interface is managed by the view and complete request is handled by the controller. It helps in connecting front-end and back-end. It makes coding easy to understand and read.

Exceptional community support

CodeIgniter has a big user base who offers an active community support to the users and developers. It helps you to find a solution to your query in an easy way during web development. It also offers wide documentation which helps programmers and developers.

So, with so many amazing functions and features, CodeIgniter is an ideal choice for top business websites. However if you are looking for normal and simple website development solutions, then cakephp development services can help you out. Speak to a professional developer and find out which framework will be ideal for you. Rockers Technology will help you in getting the perfect solutions for all kinds of web projects for you.