What is VoIP and why it is the new buzzword?

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. The Voice Over method of communication is rampant in traditional communication devices like the landlines. The IP method of Voice Over is the process of cutting down the voice signals into small packets of data by the process of sampling using adaptors and converters. The IP method of Voice Over is being considered as more efficient than the traditional Voice Over as one can enjoy quick services and the network through which the data is communicated can be a public one or a private one. There are several reasons why one can state that it is the new buzzword and few of them are stated below.

Privacy is the need of the hour

The VoIP provides one of the basic needs of all the companies is to avoid the theft of data. It is a common complaint that the phone calls are being trapped in a network. With the help of VoIP, the privacy need is satisfied by the companies. One can make all the telephones within the company intact by using this highly secured software that it becomes difficult for one to access the calls from outside.

Mobile-Landline, Computer-Landline calling

The VoIP not only plays a great role in business organizations but also plays a vital role in connecting people across the globe. For instance, if one considers an Office Phone System Kerala that one needs to communicate from a distant country like Gulf. The mobile services might not be sufficient enough for the network coverage that one is unable to make the calls using smartphones to smartphones. But with the help of the VoIP app that is installed in one’s phone, he/she can call from a mobile/computer to a landline system.

Compatibility and Integration

One can connect the office landline to their mobiles that they can attend phone calls on the go. VoIP is highly compatible. The VoIP can integrate with the mail and helps one to send emails while attending an important call. This sort of compatibility and integration is what plays a great role in businesses.

Resource Utilization, Reliability, and Cost-effectiveness

With VoIP calling in a company, one can make the fullest use of the human resources, the calls can be tracked, recorded in a highly active database, and it is also safe to one’s pockets.

These are few of the many reasons why VoIP is one of the buzzwords of the 21st century, and it is the right time to move to this technology.