What is Instagram hack

Instagram is similar to Facebook however the major difference is that in Instagram users can share pictures and videos .It’s a free social media platform where the users can share their pictures or videos of their choice.Instagram has become very popular among the today’s teenagers.Instagram is used by people who wanted to be updated with what’s happening in the world and in their friends or relative’s life.Users can follow on Instagram anyone who they know or whom they are interested to know.Users can follow celebrities or any famous personalities on Instagram.Instagram is one of the social medias wherein we can connect to the world and know what’s happening in the world and we can also express our views on others posts or videos.To open an Instagram, account the user will have to first download the Instagram app from play store and will have to open the account.Users will have to reveal their name and other interests and if interested users can also upload their photos so that others can identify their profile.Like all other sites there is always a threat for our Instagram hack. Once we open our Instagram account where we are disclosing our information but there is every chance of our information can be misused.

Instagram can be used by all age groups. Users will have to download the app and will have to provide their personal information on profile page.Instagram has the option of filters to photos where in the users can use these filters and change their pics and upload them on their account. Instagram is very user friendly app and can be easily used on mobile phones by users. With the help of filters feature which is available on Instagram users can edit their pictures as per their requirement and upload them.

Why do users prefer Instagram:

Now a days teenagers consider Instagram as a app to show off. If you don’t have an Instagram account they tend to label you as an out dated person. To keep up to the trend and up to the friends users usually create their Instagram account. Users keep posting their pictures on Instagram. Its features are very easy to access and it can be simply used on phone which could be one of the major reason for Instagram to gain popularity.All age groups would prefer Instagram as it is very easy and keeping a track of the post also is handy.