What is a bitcoin mixer? Is bitcoin mixer and tumbler same?

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There are a lot of people that are investing in bitcoins. These are the individuals that might be doing it for trading purpose. Some also use the coins for sales and purchase and they tend to use it on various markets all over the globe. The fact that more and more markets have started to accept it online as a method of payment makes it easy for you to trade using bitcoins. While it is a highly volatile market, many people find it hard to get used to with this sort of currency. Websites like https://bitcoinmix.org/ help people in mixing their coins and shuffling them up. But what is it exactly and why people use mixers?

Bitcoin mixer

A bitcoin mixer is a great way for you to anonymize yourself when you are using bitcoins. While most of the people think that they are completely anonymous when trading with bitcoins, there are certain ways in which the blockchain may display the content of your account i.e. the transactions that are being carried out with your address or ID. So, the bitcoin mixer allows you to take things a step ahead and be completely anonymous from the eyes.

The bitcoin mixers are also referred to as the tumbler, scrambler, or shuffler. So, you might know it by any other name. These work by breaking down the bitcoins that they obtain from various clients. Then those broken parts are all mixed up, may be several parts joined together from various clients, to give the client their bitcoins back.

Previously, in conventional banking, the method of tumbling, or should we say tumblers, were used in order to mix up various funds together. Then the payments were made from those funds, making the original source or payment maker unknown. So, the trail back becomes tough and when you move it even further to the banks in areas where the bank secrecy laws are too strict, such as Panama, Bahamas, and Cayman Islands, it becomes almost impossible to track and trail.

It may seem like a tough task but only takes around 10 to 20 minutes to be mixed. The tumblers take your coin and start breaking it into pieces. Then they mix it up with other pieces to enhance the privacy and anonymity when you are using these coins to trade.

Am I not anonymous when using bitcoin?

To an extent, you are not completely anonymous when using bitcoin until you take some necessary steps. The reason is that all transactions happening with the digital currency are being logged in the blockchain. It is something that is always public and accessible and anyone can use some good tracking skills to enter the log and obtain the transaction information about the bitcoin address and ID associated with it.

Many people argue that it is not necessary and that only hackers and criminals would want to anonymize it all. Well, we never go public with our private transactions until it is a very special case. And considering that you might be dealing in large amounts, it is always good to anonymize yourself. The tumblers actually add up a layer to the anonymity in terms of transactions provided to you by the bitcoin. It may take a few minutes from your time but is certainly something worth doing.