What Features To Look For In A Social Media Analytics Tool From Companies Such As Netbase

To be able to measure social media performance, it is necessary to have a variety of tools to measure KPI and core metrics. For businesses that want to be successful, this is where having solid social media analytics tools can come in handy.

These tools are crucial for gathering performance metrics together in one place. This allows businesses to produce reports necessary for making meaningful decisions for the business. Companies like NetBase know this all too well.

Who Is NetBase?

NetBase is a social media analytics company that offers fast, real-time and accurate social media solutions that will allow a business to grow efficiently. The company has advanced NLP technology that is uniquely capable of classifying and understanding the complex data languages to make sure businesses can base their decisions on accurate information.

Some of their specialties are consumer insights, product launching, customer care, partner monitoring and risk management. The company was founded in 2004 in Santa Clara, California.

What Is Social Media Analytics?

When it comes to the analytics of social media, it is referring to the process of gathering up social media performance data to extract insights a business can use when making future business decisions. In actuality, it is a bunch of numbers that can offer a lot of meaningful insight into how a business is performing through social media.

Why Are The Analytics Of Social Media Important To A Business?

While it is good to have success for social media campaigns and networking, it is more important why it is working. To find out why something is performing so well for social media, it takes gathering data from a variety of sources.

Doing this helps businesses find out what is working so they may replicate those same results over and over again. The analytics tools will gather the data and your marketing team can use that data to translate into meaningful business insights.

Purpose Of Analytics In Business

Many businesses wonder why they should spend extra time and money to invest in analytics tools. Many of the major social networking websites already offer their own in-app analytics platforms. These tools definitely work well and can often be overlooked by businesses. The best thing about them is that they are free to use. However, they are not without their own limitations.

If you rely on the free, in-app analytics tools offered through the major social networks, you’re most likely going to waste a lot of time building reports through manually-gathered data. As a business owner, you know you have better things to do than manual tedious tasks.

This is where social media analytics tools can come in handy. Not only will they gather the data for you, but they will also automate the building of reports for you to go over. If the tools you choose to use are also built into a platform that can help you create and schedule your social media content, you will save much more time and effort in the long run.

What Features Should Your Business Look For In Analytics Tools For Social Media?

  • Cost- If you are a small business, your budget may not allow you to purchase an analytics tool that has many extra features you want. Find a company that offers a tool with the basic features you can use that won’t break the bank.
  • Customer Service- No tool will be worth purchasing if you run into problems and cannot get ahold of customer service for help. Before purchasing a tool, check to see what types of communication the company offers its customers such as chat, email and phone service options.