What are The 4 Types Of Advertising?

10 Types of Advertising - Various Types of Advertisements used by Companies

Advertisements have been around for many centuries but only in different forms. However, over time advertisement has evolved alongside the human race. Even to this day, advertisement plays a key role in fueling the success of a business or organization. 

Businesses now need advertisements to generate brand awareness, grow the client base, reach more customers, and enhance profitability. As a result, some businesses choose to leverage the services of any trusted advertising agency, while others use other tactics. 

Nonetheless, four different types of advertisements help businesses meet their goals. So continue reading to learn more about the four types of advertisements. 

1. Social Media Advertising

Times have changed, and the growing access to high-speed internet has increased the number of people using social media platforms. As a result, businesses can benefit from an amazing opportunity to feature their offerings in front of target customers. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are ideally suited for advertisements. 

These platforms gather data on the interests of their users allowing businesses to drive results with targeted advertisements. You can even hire an advertising agency to help you augment your advertising on social media platforms and drive better results.      

2. Mobile Advertisements

The other common form of advertising in this digital age is mobile advertising. This tactic allows businesses to advertise their offerings through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile advertisements can be delivered in different forms depending on what works best for the business and its target audience. 

For instance, suppose a sports equipment business decides to leverage mobile advertising. They can use mobile search ads, videos, display ads, and even social media ads to engage people with an interest in sports. This is a sure-shot way to enhance the efficacy of your advertisements. 

3. PPC (Pay Per Advertising)

PPC advertising has become another favorite advertising tool of businesses operating in the 21st century. Almost everyone on the internet has probably seen these advertisements that appear as pop-ups on your screen. In addition, many browsers, such as Google and Bing, have mastered PPC marketing. 

PPC advertisements operate with a simple methodology. First, the advertisement pop-up appears on the viewers’ screen. Following this, the viewer will either click on the ad or not. Therefore, businesses need to pay accordingly based on the number of times people click on the ad. Also, if people do not click on your ad, you need not pay for the advertisement. 

4. Broadcast Advertisements

Everybody knows what broadcast advertisements are unless they have been living under a rock or have never watched television. The commercial adverts you see running on your TV between your favorite shows are the best example of broadcast advertisements. 

These advertisements are mostly used by businesses that wish to get their message across to the masses. Thus, all the advertisements you listen to on radios, watch on TVs, or even hear on loudspeakers are broadcast advertising.        

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these are the four types of advertisements you can use as a business operating in the 21st century. So leverage these tactics and drive amplified growth without draining all your business resources. You can even hire an advertising agency to help you out on this front.