This involves the bringing together of various hardware and software components into one unit. This unit works effectively realizing overwhelming benefits. System integration is very important as it benefits the business in various ways which are not limited to:


  • Enables easy access to up-to-date data.
  • It saves time and money by cutting short the administration overhead.
  • Provides good profiling of the customers.
  • Improved query response time.
  • Increased sales.

At ioVista Commerce, developers are involved in acquiring critical information at all stages of an e-commerce project to allow for easy integration. Systems which are integrated with Magento include:

  • Shipping Systems
  • Enterprise Resource planning software
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Payment Gateway systems.

Integration Services

  • ERP Integration

Aligning ERP with critical information about the e-commerce business leads to enables saving of costs as well as the acquisition of operational efficiency.

  • CRM Integration

This type of e-commerce integration allows for customer engagement which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction.

  • Analytical Integration

This type of online business integration allows for the identification of new trends in business, learn the customer’s behavior and improve loyalty between the customer and the businessperson.

  • Marketplace Integration

When the e-commerce online platform is integrated with other online business, more information about the other businesses is acquired. This helps to create a rapport with the interested stakeholders and also promotes healthy competition.

How Integration Works

  • Mapping

Triggers and datasets on the website are identified.

  • Transformation

Mapped information is transformed into required admissible formats.

  • Application

This final information is used in the receiving system.

Extension Integration

With good extensions, the experience of a customer doing business online is improved. The team of developers at ioVista Commerce are involved in developing custom extensions which will improve the customers experience while doing business on the website. Good website extensions improve the search rankings of an e-commerce website. Extensions should be attractive to the customers in order to improve the business operations. However, some extensions are a nuisance and considered as spam by some users while other extensions are easy to remember thus bringing more traffic and leads to the business website.

Customized extensions are a must-have feature in an e-commerce website as they offer sundry of benefits such as:

  • Seamless connection to third-party software and external systems.
  • Online reach is enhanced through the increased traffic.
  • High levels of compatibility are realized leaving room for future updates and changes.
  • More revenue is generated through efficient operations and improved store productivity.

Speed optimization

A good website will be mostly attributed to the speed with which services are offered.

With ioVista Commerce good website speeds are achieved through this methodology:

  • Full Page Cache – Store pages are cached thus reducing the load time of the web pages and improving the Google rankings.
  • Advanced Back-Up server.
  • MySQL optimization and configuration.
  • Server Configuration – Efficient configuration of the servers is done.
  • Data Storage in Indexed folders or PHP session objects – Database potential is optimized in order to allow for a large number of users on the website.
  • Unused Magento components – Disabling of the unused components within the website to increase its productivity.