Webhosting Coupons Used to Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction

This article is written for hosting providers. It shows how webhosting coupons can be used to increase online revenue.

Coupons can be quite reliable at encouraging customers to buy more from a webhost and feel like they are getting more value for their money. There are many websites, affiliate networks and forums that webhosting companies can use to publish their latest offers and coupons.

Promotional codes can be used by webhost providers in various ways to build customer loyalty and boost sales.

Deals at Checkout

In many brick-and-mortar retail outlets, there are usually products close to the checkout. Many people purchase these products despite not having any intention to do so when they checked into the store. The same concept can be used in an online webhosting scenario.

For instance, the client can be given discounted site security features during checkout, such as 20% money off on SSL Certificates. The checkout deal could also be something like 3-years of webhosting for the price of a 2-year hosting plan. The important thing to remember with these deals is that they should not be too obtrusive and inconvenient. The offers also need to be enticing enough to inspire impulsive buying.

“On Sale” products

When a more expensive product is offered at a discount, customers will be more likely to pay for it instead of the more affordable product they intended to pay for in the first place. This will obviously result in a higher profit potential over the long run.

For instance, small businesses on the prowl for shared WordPress hosting would be highly tempted to pay for the more expensive Managed Website Hosting if it was offered with a 25% discount coupon. That is because such businesses lack the skills or the time to manage their own servers. Such a deal will make the client believe they are getting more than their money’s worth since they will get a webhosting plan and professional managed server services in the process as well.

“Free” Coupons

Clients consider some things to be valuable, although they don’t cost a webhost that much to provide. An example is a domain name, which can be provided with every webhosting plan bought. Another example is offering “free” site migration. This task costs the host very little. However, it is of great value to a business owner who may not have the skills to migrate a site from one server to another. Anything that can reduce stress and worry to a business owner, for free, adds a huge amount of value.

Leverage on client’s insecurity

Fear, unfortunately, is a very natural reaction among business owners. Some fears are genuine, as they are based on actual site ownership risks. More importantly, those who harbor such fears have to do something about them. For instance, online business owners have fears about the security of their sites or losing valuable databases and code. In such cases, you can offer the client a deal or a feature that helps “protect” his/her online business by providing plans that offer, for instance, daily backups.

Although the suggestions for webhosting coupons above might seem exploitative, they can be used effectively, as long as the customers feel they receive true value.