Ways to Improve Efficiency in HR

HR is often one of the busiest places at a company. There are so many responsibilities with HR that sometimes it can be hard to define all the job duties that they take on. Some tasks are very time-intensive and others labor-intensive. There are also many other smaller jobs that can keep the people in HR from being able to finish their larger tasks at hand. Fortunately, there are a lot of tasks that can now be automated through software to improve HR workflow. Here is a list of the many HR tasks that can now be automated, giving HR more freedom to work on larger and more important tasks.

  • Employee onboarding: Think data collection and processing for new employees. Notify relevant departments of any tasks associated with onboarding.
  • Employee offboarding: When an employee leaves a company, there are a lot of key steps that need to be taken. A few of these important steps involve communication, disenabling security devices, mailing off final paychecks, and many more items.
  • Employee reviews: By automating the review process, you can compare results from one review to the next. It also helps let employees know where they are in the process, and what will happen next.
  • Arranging travel: Arranging travel for employees can be quite complicated. Whether the person at HR is purchasing the tickets or the employee, there is a lot of work to be done. All expenses have to be approved, entered, and accounted for. By having this process automated, a lot of time is saved for everyone.
  • Leave requests: It’s easier to keep track of leave requests with the proper software. You can keep track of how many days are available for PTO, make sure your company is in compliance, and route all the documentation to the right department.
  • Time sheet approvals: A really great way to improve HR workflow is through time sheet approvals. You can eliminate emails and instead let employees and contractors fill out their approvals and time sheets through an automated form.
  • Employee training and development: It can be hard for HR employees to keep track of each employee and what kind of training they have received. You can keep track of module-based training through HR software, so you know which step each employee is at in their training.
  • Gathering and screening applicants: It takes a lot of time to read through resumes, put applicants through several interviews, do the proper documentation and legwork, and get them hired or send them on their way. With an automated system, you can know where each applicant is in the hiring process, know what other work HR has to do on their part, and get required approvals beforehand.