VPS: Virtual Private Servers

Are you getting more traffic on your site and you are thinking to upgrade your shared server with VPS but confuse about which VPS should you buy then this article is for you. In this article, we will talk about the VPS Hosting service what is VPS, how many types of VPS Hosting are there, what are their pros and cons, and last, we will look at few good companies who are good providers of VPS.

What is VPS?


VPS is the short form of the virtual private server. VPS is something that enables a user to use the same server but with a different section of each user.

VPS is providing different sections to each and everyone with the name of VPS 1, VPS 2, VPS3, and so on.

VPS is good for those users who are facing problems in shared Hosting as in shared they are getting very few functions like they can’t upgrade their data space, they can’t update their operating system, and when one site grows up it needs some extra functions and extra features to make the site smooth.

As in shared users don’t get more space to share their more data. They don’t get enough resources to use. But VPS is something great to use. Because here you will get your own space and your operating system.


There are two types of VPS Hosting are as follows: –

  1. Managed VPS Hosting
  2. Unmanaged VPS Hosting


Managed VPS Hosting is a type of Hosting in which the person will buy that VPS and after that, he will just focus on the growth of their website rest of the things will be managed by the service providers.

The things which will be managed by the service providers are technical issues, they will look upon the malware protection and the service protection. But managed VPS Hosting is so costly as compared to Unmanaged VPS Hosting.


Unmanaged VPS Hosting is those Hosting in which the person will buy the Unmanaged server and with his skill, he will take care of the whole server. The service provider team will provide the server and the rest of the thing will be on your side.

For using unmanaged Hosting services you must be skilled in some advanced skills like you must know about the Linux command-line-interface, disaster recovery, snapshot management, security information, and event management(SIEM).

Here, one more thing that this Unmanaged VPS server is cheaper than Managed VPS server but here you need IT level skill to manage this server.


Here, it’s a time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting. So starting with the advantages of VPS hosting, here it is.


  1. It provides you with more data space compare to Shared Hosting.
  2. It provides you with more speed than Shared Hosting.
  3. It allows you to use customizable software.
  4. Gives you more space to share more data on your site.
  5. You will get more security as compared to Shared Hosting
  6. You get full root access to your site.


VPS provides you with so many things whatever you want. We can’t say that the VPS is having any disadvantages but the only disadvantage which we feel is the cost of the VPS server it is a little bit costlier than the shared server.

Best VPS Host: What About HostingRaja VPS Plans?

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Just have a look at the features of HostingRaja VPS plans: –

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And you may get a shock to know that HostingRaja offers its VPS plans starting at just ₹549 per month.


Besides, it’s costing more than the shared hosting there is no disadvantage of the VPS server. All features are very very good in the VPS server. Users who are on the track of growing the site should choose this as their well-wisher because this will completely help you in every aspect. So here we covered all the things about VPS so you can decide which VPS you should choose.