Video Marketing and Your Website Growth

Defining video marketing is not a complex activity at all. Simply put, video marketing is the use of videos to promote or publicize your brand, service or product you offer. A competent and quality marketing strategy includes incorporating videos into the mix together with the testimony of customers, excerpts from various live events, explainer videos and corporate training videos, entertainment, and viral videos.

Some marketers see video marketing as a term that incorporates different aspects of reaching the target audience with videos. Unarguably, video marketing is used to encourage email signups, website visits and to even improve customer service

Why do we need marketing videos?

Let’s go through some reasons why we should add videos to our marketing contacts

  • Websites with videos rank well on goggle. YouTube contents rank well on goggle.
  • Videos improve email click-through and open ratios. Your open rate is likely to increase by just including a video.
  • Pages with videos have better conversion rates than those without. Videos keep page visitors longer on a page because people like visual content. 
  • Video content gives access to internet platforms photos and texts can’t reach.
  • Videos are engaging. Even if the viewer is not oriented towards the video.

No doubt video marketing is important to the growth of business and website let’s look at the benefits of video marketing. You can learn more by visiting

Video marketing benefits

  • It boosts conversion rate– Online customers are likely to buy a product after watching its explainer video.
  • Easy accessibility- platforms for video marketing are endless, video boards, television, YouTube, etc. just with a smartphone anyone can access a video online anytime anywhere. Video enables you to reach your audience wherever they might be.
  • Videos are emotional – you can make a direct appeal to the emotional part of a viewer’s brain through music accompanied by visuals. There’s a more influential human connection to videos than to reading texts.
  • Increases your SEO- search engine ranking increases with the use of videos. Other important metrics like conversion rates, click-through rates, and open rates are increased with the use of videos thus enabling you to reach your target audience. The second largest search engine is YouTube and it’s owned by Google, this implies that a correctly tagged video can improve your SEO amazingly.

With video marketing, you enjoy higher returns. You are more likely to do better if you promote your business. Implement video marketing in the process of attaining your business goals and objectives. Create quality videos and show your audience where to find them.