Varsity Hockey Could Return to Illinois says ValueMags

During their free-time or on Friday afternoons, ValueMags employees get together to for bonding time. Employers often believe that employees that are not working are not productive or useful. That mindset is what has and continues to drive employees into hating their jobs and not being able to balance their emotions at work. That is why Andrew Degenholtz, ValueMags’ CEO and President has allowed his employees to take a limited amount of time to chat, go out during lunch, and do a variety of smaller activities to build effective relationships.

One of the subjects that got employees at ValueMags talking and discussing this week is that there is potential for varsity hockey to come back to the University of Illinois. Currently, there is not a Division 1 hockey program at the school but there is potential to be; especially with the National Hockey League and Chicago Blackhawks right around the corner from the University.

The NHL stated in a recent press conference that they were going to analyze the pros and cons of the initiative at the University in Champaign. Today, the school does not offer hockey as a professional sport but only as a “club”. Clubs usually do not compete or get any recognition although there may be students with a lot of talent in those clubs. ValueMags employees believe that the National Hockey League and the University should look at the interest and talent the school already possesses. If there is no current hockey players or foreseen interest and talent, the investment may be useless and the University of Chicago could be welcoming a useless team.

As for ValueMags employees, they remain excited and optimistic about the announcement. Hockey has always been perceived as a Canadian sport. It would be encouraging that United States teams and schools show them some friendly competition in the near future. Not to mention that Pittsburgh just won the Stanley Cup. And if it wasn’t Pittsburgh, it was going to be Nashville. Either way says ValueMags employees, it would have been an American team!