Use TeletourismTo Be Almost Everywhere at Anytime

What Ubiatar wants to give to people and how we will do it – is stated in “Our Manifesto”. We want to give to people the power to instantly be somewhere elseas we at UbiatarPlay believe that study is freedom and that life is interaction.

Modern tools of technology

We do this with modern mobile technologies, changing into Avatars, those individuals willing to help many others intensify their full potential.

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We believe that humans are far better than robots and good will is more powerful than computers.

We give an honest and easy job prospect to anybody all most anywhere.

We help people caught in their physical confinesto see and experience any culture, any play, any contact; making mankind better for the adventure and everyone becomes a better human.

See where avatars have gone

Explore gallery of hi-tech videos of past studies from:

  • San Francisco to Los Angeles
  • Paris
  • Venice
  • Rome
  • Hong Kong
  • Other exciting places

Teletourism everywhere

This world we live in is such a large place, with so many exciting places to travel to and see, but one lifetime is not the time to visit even a small number of them. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the opportunity to see these and other places without the money or time that so limits our life?

Most of us would love to have what it takes to be instantly somewhere else, in places only read about, maybe even in places that can be offered to us through UbiatarPlay.

There are thousands of exciting places waiting for us, millions of people to watch during everyday things and a plethora of shops, museums, pubs, piers, animal, gardens, and other things to see.

Meet people

All of us know that to meet others, to see their world, would have a strong appeal towards the understanding of diverse cultures in the world and perhaps the peace process might really start with more meaning. This could be useful as well as fun.

With Avatars offering their presence into their places, we have this power. By directing these individuals in their own cities, we can explore, interact with new architecture, shops, museums and other things we want to experience in another country.