Truest Options for the Version Converter

Today we are moving away from hardware news (still exciting) to focus more on the software. So, here are some things about the EPUB file format.

What is EPUB?

First, EPUB is a file format designed by the International Forum to store digital text documents. It is used in many software and e-readers. This is why it is interesting to linger a few moments on this format.

We are talking about EPUB because it is the 3rd version of this format. Each new version can correct problems and enrich the format with new information and possibilities.

A file format?

To simplify the understanding, we can say that the text stored in the file with additional information that will format the text and add links, an index, images, etc.

This format has the distinction of being open. This means that everyone can choose to edit text in this format. Thus, many free tools make it possible to take advantage of EPUB files to read, write or convert texts in different formats.

Similarly, it is possible for ebook reader manufacturers to use EPUB as a file format for their eReaders. Yet few do it and we will see why.

The commercial problem of an open format

As we have just seen, an open format means that everyone can use it. So we could imagine Amazon using this format in her Kindle. But, he chose to develop his own format: the MOBI.

Indeed, if Amazon had decided to use ebooks in EPUB format, his files (those sold by Amazon) would have been as compatible with other readers of the market (who can read EPUB).

This means that the consumer is no longer a “prisoner” of the Amazon world and that he can go and use another reader whenever he sees fit. In short, it is not commercially very interesting for Amazon.

So here is the problem of this format that has everything to please everyone (except bookmakers) on paper. For epub to pdf  conversion you will have the best deal.

Who uses this format?

Despite manufacturers’ reluctance to use EPUB, some have made the effort to incorporate it into their reading material. Thus, Sony Reader and iPad are able to read this format. Similarly, for some reading this is the best deal here.

As far as software is concerned, there are many readers available on the market (some free software, which also allows file conversion ).

Can I buy ebooks in EPUB format?

  • Fortunately, you can buy books in EPUB format since many  Online File Converter offer them for purchase.
  • Fortunately, you can buy books in EPUB format since many online sites offer them for purchase.
  • Thus, Feedbooks offers its digital books in this format as well as the works available on the project site.
  • So you have to search and ask if nothing is specified and if you want to take anything from the EPUB format.
  • Feel free to check out the online digital reading guide for more information.

Some additions on this format

Finally, here are some additions on this format. These are in particular things that can be read on the right or on the left and that it is necessary to complete