Top Things SEO Marketing Companies are Doing Wrong for You

SEO marketing is a thing that you need to invest in for your business. If you are unable to handle this on your own, you may realize that you need a local SEO expert to help you accomplish your online marketing goals. The problem is that not all companies are going to be made the same. You would be surprised at the amount of bad marketing advice that you may end up receiving from a company if you do not do enough research to find a reputable business in the market. This will end up hurting you in the long run. Here are some things that marketing companies are failing at.

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One of these things is poor anchor text. Anchor text is the words that you can use to click on in a hyperlink that will bring your viewers to another link. Ideally, these should link back to relevant content that is either on your own website or on another website. These links should add to whatever article, blog, or page on your website. However, if you use a keyword-rich or exact-match anchor text it will not be quite as effective. You need to be smart about how the anchor text is used otherwise it can negatively impact your site’s SEO and make it harder for people to search for you.

Another problem that some companies cause is with your keywords. There are a lot of businesses that still use the outdated technique of keyword cramming, which hurts your SEO ranking. Another huge mistake that companies make when using SEO is that they use the wrong keywords entirely. When you cram keywords, this can cause the content to be subpar. That triggers the algorithms that sites like Google have in place to ensure that customers are getting valuable sites.

Finally, your company may be ignoring one simple thing that should be used on your website: images. Websites not only need images but these images need to be of high quality. People really respond to quality images, which makes them more likely to engage with a visually rich website. The images are only part of this. Another part of this is how the images are captioned since search engines do not recognize images in their scanning of websites. The captions must be relevant to the topic, otherwise that can have a negative impact as to how your website is seen by search engines.

These are just a few of the ways that your SEO marketing company is doing a disservice to your business. You want to make sure that you are spending your money wisely and that you are getting the best return on your investment. If your SEO marketing company is not showing you the results that you have been looking for or if you expect more from your SEO marketing company, look around for a reputable company that has the experience to back up their skills. This is the best way to protect your investment in online marketing.