Tips To Make The Most Of Your Reputation Management Efforts As A Brand Or Company

Online reputation management starts with googling yourself and then is quickly followed by keeping a good and effective online presence. Reputation management depends on not only what other people have to say about you via the internet and word of mouth marketing but also about what you put out to public about yourself via your online social media platform presence.

Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your reputation management efforts as a brand or company.Image result for Tips To Make The Most Of Your Reputation Management Efforts As A Brand Or Company

Micro-conversions is a helpful tool to use when thinking about your online reputation management. Micro-conversions can be defined as when someone sees a review of your product or service online and goes to the page to view the product but does not in fact purchase said product. Later on, that same person does a random Google search and the product may appear as part of a pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement but again does not click on the ad. Maybe some time later, the potential customer will see another one of your ads online but this time actually makes a purchase from you. Due to your online reputation management, the customer then decides he would like to subscribe for your monthly newsletter outlining promotions and company news. In that example, your customer made various interactions with you and even visited your site repeatedly. Online reputation management suggests using Google Analytics as a source of setting up some type of conversion goal for your brand and track visitor activity more precisely.

Attributions are another tool used for reputation management within companies. It allows you to show more precisely to company executives which of your efforts from various platforms had a hand in micro and macro conversions. The online reputation management industry uses these measurements as important indicators of how their efforts are being successful and where they are not being efficient.