Things to Know About Custom Software Development Services for Beginners

Custom software development is the process of designing software applications for an individual or an organization. These designs are specifically created to address the needs of the organization and are not packaged for reselling.

Custom development services are different from the traditional and extensive off-the-shelf software. These traditional kinds of software target a broader audience with similar needs, but functions are more generic, like the Microsoft Word or QuickBooks. Most functions in the package may be something that your company does not need. Certainly, they could be affordable, but over time, these upgrades that come with monthly or annual licensing fees and per-website or installation costs will actually exceed the total costs that you will have to pay for custom development software.

The fully customized software requires the commissioning, development, and delivery of a software product custom-fit to a specific need of an organization. Made to match your business needs, these applications may be costly and time-consuming, but having custom software that fits perfectly to your business requirement can be pretty powerful. Custom software can integrate two external applications to align with your processes and the pulse of your company, giving you a competitive edge over other businesses.

Pros and Cons of Custom Development Software vs. Off-The-Shelf Software

For business owners who are thinking of a new software application, there is that debate whether to get tailor-made software or that “boxed” software application.

Having a custom development application catered to every need of your company and employees help in increasing levels of productivity. Staffs will not need heavy re-training every now and then nor adjust their normal work processes.

There is, however, a risk that comes with custom development software. New needs and demands may arise during the process, thus incurring more costs and more development time.

Pros of Custom Development Software:

  • Solution specifically designed to meet company’s requirements, processes, and security demands
  • 100% ownership of the software
  • Easy orientation and training to staffs because it follows business practices and languages
  • You can start with the basic essentials and improve or add features at a later time
  • Updates and enhancements are 100% controlled by your company
  • No licensing fees required
  • Possible integration with additional systems
  • Have direct vendor support and unlimited options for evolving solutions


Cons of Custom Development Software:

  • High cost and risks
  • Requires developer sources
  • Requires regular developer communication during the cycle: conditioning, designing, development, quality testing, and training
  • No user community for self-help access


Custom Software Development Services

Although custom development services are not an easy task, there are many companies that can provide them for you. Most small and big enterprises opt for local developers to design their software. These vendors effectively become part of your team since the process of designing custom software lasts long. Software Development companies should be able to efficiently identify how much work is required to finish the application and the cost that comes with it.

One company that will ensure to meet your needs is NetGuru –they have fast, reliable, flexible and innovative web applications exclusively for your business goals. They support financial sectors, media, healthcare, education, real estate market, e-business, and many more. They have experienced and highly-skilled web developers who will provide hands-on support all throughout the process.