The ultimate guide to social media branding

Do you have a good presence online? Are people impressed when they check out your profile? If the answer to both these questions is YES, kudos to you! And if it’s no, we’re here to help.

A concrete as well as an attractive social media presence through a professional digital marketing agency in Mumbai, opens doors to countless growth opportunities. The foundation lies in creating a strong, personal brand so that you can be proud of who you are and also create the right impression on people.

In this blog, we throw light on effective social media branding.

May I know your name please?

The first step towards online branding is to have a universal name across all social platforms. This makes it easier for people to find you on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, etc. Use pseudonyms and numbers to make it look creative.

Hi, what do you do?

It is highly recommended to write a short, crisp bio of who you are and what do you do on all your social media pages and channels. Remember to keep it very simple yet descriptive so that the visitors do not have to break their heads to guess the meaning.

Which area do you reside in?

Proximity and closeness play a beneficial role in earning some local fan following. So do not miss out on giving a rough indication of your geographical location. This will help boost your local search rankings and people will start relating to you like a real person.

Where’s your ‘digital’ home sweet home?

Let’s break the ice without creating much fuss, do you have a website of your own? People really want to know more about you and see your work. Think of the website as your digital home where you host such people. Therefore, maintain an updated website.

Time to put yourself across a camera!

Social media presence without a public photo is like tea without sugar; it seems to lack originality and completeness. Have yourself photographed and put up the same photo on all platforms so that people instantly recognize you and there is no ambiguity in finding you.

Does your cover photo cover your personality?

With so many templates available online, it is very much easier to find a good, simple cover photo for your profile. Keep in mind to go for something that says about your personality. For example if you love music, you could put up a simple photo of a guitar or a violin!

What do you have to offer?

This is where content plays a role. Provide the public with fresh, relatable content. If your website is on technology, update and educate your followers about the latest trends. Digital knowledge helps you greatly but if you cannot do it yourself, hires a reputed Digital Marketing Agency to do it for you.

Make the most of the super-amazing social platform. Brand yourself effectively and make a lasting impression on your subscribers and followers. Go join the race!