The Services Provided by Domain Name Registrar

Any company owner that is highly concerned about getting an online existence over web is heading the need of a special website, and one of the important jobs is to having a complete online presence is selecting the exact domain name as you want.

Before buying a domain name from a special service domain, in addition to the price, it is good to know what features it usually offers. Below is a list of services commonly offered by the registrar when buying a domain name.

  1. Domain Name

Of course, this is what you are looking for in the first place. There is not much to explain here. Each registrar will give you the name you actually typed.

  1. Forwarding and masking domain and site / URL forwarding

In essence, this means using a domain name to visit a different site by seeing the domain name you typed in the browser. It’s like visiting but seeing in your browser. This means that others can still access the website you type in your browser and see

This feature is very important for those who host your website with a service provider other than the one in which the domain name is purchased.

  1. Domain locking

Contrary to what might seem, it is quite possible to lose a domain name is accidental or fraudulent. Typically, passwords are required to have access to these accounts with a domain registrar, but to unlock a domain security levels are provided, which may include additional secret questions and answers. As such, if someone has been able to gain access to your account, it is quite unlikely that the person will answer your questions to unlock the domain. And without unlocking, the domain cannot be transferred.

  1. Domain Protection

While domain locking is a feature of some domain security logs, others draw a line between them, as domain security can be more than just domain locking. It includes accidental or unauthorized changes to the domain name, the grace period after the expiration of the domain, giving more time for renewal and avoiding the loss of the domain name.