The Right CRM Usage Practices Now

In practice, it is good to combine a strong CRM strategy with CRM software.Take the time to understand your current contact management needs. The use for the free crm software  comes essential now.

Take the time to understand your current contact management needs

Think about what hurts your head right now. Do any of the following statements remind you of anything?

Contact information is not easily accessible. Contact information is often spread over several different sources, which is time-consuming and results in inherited data.The creation and management of contact information is done manually, which leaves room for human errors and takes a lot of time.

You do not have a clear vision of the real effectiveness of your business activities:

  • how many incoming leads do you have? 
  • How many of them approve your quote? Who is responsible for a given opportunity?

When a customer calls or sends an email to your business, it’s not possible to have an overview of past communications, resulting in a lot of confusing situations and frustrating contacts.

Not everyone can access the right customer information when they need it. When colleagues get sick, for example, it is difficult to know for which prospects they have already followed up, and what has already been discussed. It does not make teamwork easy at all. The top crm systems come up perfectly now.

Set clear goals for what you want to achieve with CRM

Identify what you want to accomplish by deploying a CRM strategy and software. CRM aims to help your business achieve its goals of managing and improving customer interactions, so identify what those goals are. Then break them into smaller, more affordable lenses to make them easier to reach, and specify the ways you will use them to achieve them. Note: this plan must be easily adapted later.

To give you an idea of ​​how to set clear goals and develop an effective action plan, here is a simple example:

  • One of the goals of your business might be to increase customer loyalty. You could break down this overall goal into sub-objectives as follows.
  • Provide quality service to your customers: Improve your customer service by reducing your response time or total resolution time when customers contact you.
  • Communicate consistently and manage your customers’ expectations: send newsletters about your services, discounts or events.
  • Create a customer loyalty program: Send your loyal customers targeted communications that contain exclusive offers.

Determine how you will measure your success

Evaluate if your actions are bearing fruit by following the right indicators. Typically, for most companies, success comes in three areas: their CRM strategy helps them reduce costs, increase revenue, or create more value for their customers. The free crm tools come perfect now.

Reduce costs: think of indicators such as shorter sales cycle time, faster shipping and handling of invoices, or less time creating or updating contact information.

Increase revenues: more purchases, more customers, more opportunities through cross-selling and incentives, increased number of products purchased per customer.

Create more value for customers: a higher customer retention rate, a better rate of renewal of purchases compared to one-off purchases, customer value.

Involve your employees in your CRM strategy

In your business, everyone needs to understand the strategy to be able to approach customers in the right way. Here are some tips to encourage your employees to follow the movement.