The Online Marketing Pyramid: Combining 5 Marketing Strategies for the Best Results


The online marketing world has gone through a lot of changes in the past couple of years, as Google’s search algorithm went through a lot of changes. Only four years ago, creating a keyword rich website with a bunch of backlinks was more than enough to attract high amounts of organic traffic.

The days of manipulating the search engine algorithm are over and, in order to conduct a real and effective online marketing strategy, it is necessary to combine numerous elements.

Combining the following approaches is best way of conducting a marketing campaign.

Content is the strongest foundation3

Owing to the fact that the internet has become a crowded place, content marketing has significantly changed. There is an abundance of information everywhere online and creating truly high quality content is something that not all businesses are capable of. This situation can be used to your advantage, given that you are capable of offering high quality information to your visitors and readers.

Building content that is a strong foundation in your online marketing strategy takes some time, but it pays off considerably in the long run. In order to create content that is going to bring results, it is necessary to take the following steps.

  • Keyword examination – Even though the main goal of content is to provide value to your readers, it should be created to attract them first. This is why keyword research should be the starting step in content creation. By including them, you are going to ensure that the content is going to generate some traffic.
  • Two layers of content – Following trends is necessary in every niche. It allows the creation of content that draws in a lot of traffic at times. On the other hand, evergreen content takes years to change and it should be also present on your website. Evergreen content provides true value for readers and attracts smaller organic traffic over longer periods of time. On the other side of things, trending content usually has lower value but achieves much higher traffic in a shorter time frame. Combining this two content types is necessary to perform if you want to keep the audience returning to your website.
  • Publishing activity – When you are creating high quality content, your readers are going to expect consistency on your part. This is what is going to get them to come back to your website. Additionally, besides readers, the search algorithm is also expecting a certain degree of activity. So, create a schedule that is going to let you post at least 1 to 3 times per week. That is the sweet spot when it comes to achieving the right results.
  • Medium diversification – In the past couple of years, platforms such as YouTube have become places where a lot of people share serious types of content. Furthermore, many people follow different types of authoritative YouTubers as they offer valuable content. As many people are overwhelmed with their daily activities, they decide to go with video content as it is much easier to cover in comparison to the written one. The popularity of video content clearly indicates that it is important to include it in your content marketing strategy, as every single video carries viral potential.

Relying on these tips will make it possible for you to create the perfect type of content that is going to be a strong foundation for building your social media presence as well.

Building social media presence is of essence3

Social media networks are currently dominating the world, and things are not likely to change any time soon. Billions of people use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others every single day. This makes the social media networks perfect places where establishing presence provides a variety of benefits.

Managing multiple social media accounts is made much easier with various management software tools, however, it is completely unnecessary to be present in all of the networks at once. Depending on the niche, different social media networks are going to bring different results, therefore, it is necessary to continually measure the performance of each one, in the terms of click through rates. Excluding inefficient social media networks can save a lot of time for social media managers, letting them focus more on those which provide concrete results.

Nurture and grow your mailing list3

A mailing list is a unique marketing strategy that is very effective. Focusing on growing your mailing list is a great way of advertising to those who are already interested in your website’s content. Managing a mailing list is fairly easy with the help of specific software solutions available out there.

There are only a couple of tips to follow when it comes to managing and growing a mailing list:

  • No spam – People around the world are afraid of spam messages, especially in their private email addresses. To keep people from unsubscribing, you should send promotional emails from time to time. The point is to offer something of value to them, not to make them run away from you.
  • Continuous tweaking – Using a software solution such as MailChimp provides a great amount of details about the behavior of your email subscribers. Having this type of data is of great value, as it points to the direction in which your emails should go for higher click through rates and better engagement.
  • Gifts and special offers – In order to grow the mailing list, it is vital to offer unique offers specially to those who are interested in the content of your website. Offering free e-books and recorded webinars is a great way to achieve this goal.

Many businesses forget the importance of a mailing list and how effective it is when it comes to selling products and creating a community of people who are likely to return to the website. Simply create a prominent button, state all the reasons why visitors should leave their information, and you’ll be good to go.

Backlink building strategy3

Search engines take each link pointing to your website very seriously. This is why the goal of all businesses is to acquire as much backlinks as possible. However, building a strong backlink foundation is a long term process that requires a lot of effort.

The best way to achieve this goal is to mention other influencers in your content and reach out to them. Over a longer period of time, this practice is going to dramatically improve the ranking of your website in search results. Increasing organic traffic is very important and one of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to create a strong backlink network behind your website.

Platform compatibility3

In the past couple of years, technology has significantly improved and running a website has become accessible to a much higher number of people. However, having the best web hosting services is only a starting point. Optimizing your website for a variety of different devices such as tablets or smartphones is crucial, as people have shifted to using these devices much more than PCs and laptops. As more traffic is coming from these new platforms, it is important to have a responsive website design which is passively going to improve your marketing efforts through lower bounce rates.

These are the most important elements that create an online marketing pyramid in 2017. Powerful content is the most important foundation upon which all the other elements are built and gradually introduced. Focusing high quality content pays off significantly in the long run, due to the fact that it is also shareable with the potential of creating a buzz around your website and your brand.

Take your time and include as many elements as possible; it will form a great marketing campaign with great results.

This article highlights the five essential building blocks that lead to successful marketing of one’s website. Even though there are several new technology tools and gimmicks that might be talked about, it is important to focus on the above five points when you are looking to build a sustainable presence of your website.

Even if you employ professional website design and development services, undergoing a basic course like Content Marketing Certification Training can help any website owner manage their website related marketing activities effectively. Once a basic framework is established, it is simply a matter on building on the different marketing campaigns or promotions used to enhance one’s online presence. One can cut through the clutter of different marketing tools and applications and focus on what is relevant and important for one’s website or to grow one’s online business. Remembering the basic principles of online marketing strategies simplifies one’s approach.