The Most Important Features of a Wire Stripper

Just as small as a stripper can be, it has very crucial parts that enable it to function at its optimum output. If you fail to take into consideration any of these parts, then your stripper will not serve effectively. These crucial features are more of an engineering nature for effective working. Here are some of the parts of the wire stripper to keenly consider before buying the perfect one for yourself:

  • The handles

A manual wire stripper always has 2 handles. The handles should be well insulated by a thick jacket. This is to prevent electric current from penetrating through the handles as you are stripping the wire. The handles should also have a smooth surfacing because as you are stripping the wire, your hands will be griping the handles tightly. This will ensure that your palms don’t get hurt due to the continuous use of the wire stripper. This would mostly affect the professionals who deal with these things more often.

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  • The steel parts

A best wire stripping machine is usually always made up of steel. There are different types of steel but the one that is used for this purpose is the thick (TMT) steel. This steel should be stainless steel so as to avoid rusting, a rusted stripper will not work effectively and you will have to buy a new one, so be forewarned..

  • The blades of the stripper

The blades are the most crucial parts of the stripper. This is because the blades are directly involved in the stripping of the copper wires. The blades should be of high quality. Some blades wear out just after doing the first stripping. This should not be the case. There are some wire strippers with replaceable blades. You can change the blades once they wear out and sharpen them separately. Also, some wire strippers have multiple blades, thus increasing the speed of striping. You can strip multiple of copper wires simultaneously, which helps in saving time. With others, they have multiple blades, which are different, meant for different wires. This is because some wires have different thicknesses and insulators.

  • The pivot section

This is the section that allows for the rotation of the handles during the process of stripping the wire. The pivot section is of great importance because it determines the amount of effort that you will apply. The pivot should not be too rigid as this will cause your thumb to get fatigued faster. The pivot should be smooth and should easily rotate so that it isn’t cumbersome when stripping a wire.