The digital eye revolution

Is your home safe when you are sleep or away? We humans love to stay under some safety measures from many outsiders. For that specific reason we are constructing a home with a compound wall surrounding it. But we cannot walk all time around the house watch dogging. Down the road there are so many crimes happening at every nano second. Got doubts about safety in your living league. Don’t worry unless digital eyes are around you.

The solution for your security is just available in your markets. One Closed Circuit Television can save you from a huge homeruptcy. To help you in choosing the correct CCTV global security GXT5501 has most advanced features than normal cameras. They are specially used for surveillance of your place for 24*7.

Clear pixels

The CCTV can provide you with clear pixels and continuous video recording facility. The first and foremost CCTV was implemented in Siemens AG in Nazi Germany around 1942, for noticing the V2 rockets. This CCTV uses H.264 compression technology along with flexibility in low and high bit rates. This technology is widely used in YouTube, vimeo etc.

Some are the fantastic features of device take a look at it

  • 960H video recording capability
  • 25 feet p and 30 feet n night vision are implanted
  • Device can be connected to your mobile or tab wirelessly
  • Can playback all channels at same time
  • Easy backup is possible by introducing USB
  • Email alerts are activated
  • The interface used point and cuck

These are all the important features available in a device.

How to use

When you have already ordered in online, but need to know how to use it. Here comes the simple sum up of using your device. Follow the simple steps and launch your connectivity online

Step 1

  • Set the CCTV on various angles you are in need of and turn them on

Step 2

  • Connect them to the DVD and Camera security system which is the recording device of your cameras

Step 3

  • If you have separate television for it connect the cable to your television else do the step 4

Step 4

  • If you are in the internet zone then connect your recorder device to router or modem and it will be launched in internet which lets you to view your cameras from any part of the world

Stay calm and sit relaxed

            When you are in CCTV zone don’t worry about any issues surrounding you. You will have an alarm or panic switch to support you will high range alarm to attain the attention of your neighbors to help you on time.

You can change for various languages in viewing system for better user-friendliness. It can keep a record of captured picture for more number of days allowing you to check back the previous day’s happening too. If a thief is aware that you are surrounded by CCTV then he may think twice or thrice to enter your territory, since it allows him to get caught easily. Make sure that you are surrounded only with good vibes. Get a good CCTV that works in all-weather conditions unstoppably producing fine outputs.