The Blogging Options and the Link Building Options Now

Indeed, many bloggers regularly open the door to personalities of the web. This allows for interesting content for their users and the author of the guest-blogging can usually place 1 or 2 links at his convenience. Everyone is happy. To buy links this is important now.

In case the blogger asks you to pay for the publication of the article, negotiate the conditions, number of links, status of links. This technique is therefore less time consuming than creating one or more blogs but will often cost you more.

Buy your links

  • There are several techniques to buy your links. The first is of course to contact the blogs and sites that interest you and to negotiate with them directly the price they ask to buy links.
  • The problem with this procedure is that the differences can vary from simple to quadruple (see more), depending on the blogger / site with whom you are in contact.
  • To rationalize the price of these link purchases, marketplaces of link purchases have been created.

For example, the platform offers hundreds of sites that are ready to sell you good quality incoming links. This platform is interesting because it allows to compare several sites according to their pagerank, their rank on Alexa, the seniority of the domain name.

We put on the platform to see how it works and the system is pretty good for bloggers. By entering the URL of my site, it has scanned my page and offered me an average price for each action we agree to do (a text link, a press release, a sponsored post) depending on the specificities of your site.

How works

The main problem with this type of structure is that they are illegal in the eyes of Google. So they have a sword of Damocles over their heads and all the sites that go through them: if Google decides to hit them, who knows what the consequences will be.

Conclusion: how to get quality links?

As you can see, getting quality links for your e-commerce site is essential and requires your time and money. So try to streamline your strategy by thinking upstream of creating your site the SEO strategy you want to put in place.

In addition, if your SEO skills are limited, do not hesitate to get help from professionals. Many specialized agencies exist and know how to accompany you in your steps. They can even handle everything for you.

Imagine that you ask your dentist for advice on which wine to taste this evening. Whatever your favorite tooth picker’s response, do you think he or she will give the same value to his advice as to what you will collect from your first cousin, oenologist and happy owner of a blooming wine bar? Certainly not. And so it’s the same on the web.