The Best Reputation Management Consultants Boost Your Reviews

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Omnichannel marketing is a phrase that has been looming around many marketers’ minds for a while now, and it is strongly related to the work brought on by the best reputation management consultants. Although it may sound like a buzz word, it is actually highly relevant to most industry’s environmental climate right now. The keyword refers to the seamless experience that marketers have created by merging the online and offline world together for potential and current customers. Through a wide array of channels, customers can engage with their favourite brand online while they’re in the store through an app, or simply in store by physically speaking to a salesperson, or even from the comfort of their bed as they scroll through hundreds of reviews.

Sephora makes for the perfect example of omnichannel marketing thanks to their effective app that allows customers to try on different eyeshadows and lipsticks through their virtual photo option. The app also integrates a bar code scanner for when customers are browsing their stores so that they can get updates on the star rating of the product in question. Pair this with a keen and knowledgeable salesperson who will sashay you around the floor in your hunt for the perfect light-weight concealer and you are significantly boosting your customer satisfaction. This customer, let’s call her Katrina, is then confronted with three plausible options for her next concealer purchase. She compares the ratings and automatically eliminates the one that has a three-star rating since the other two products are well above four stars. Katrina is then faced with two decisions, in which she thoroughly reads the reviews of the first one only to find that two out of three of the reviews aren’t to her liking. The second product is the winner as the first three reviews that she reads are positive—so she makes her purchase and goes back home to search YouTube makeup reviews to know how best to apply the product on her face.

The best management consultants for your brand will ensure that your best reviews appear first, as opposed to the other way around. This is because these ORM experts know that the majority of consumers won’t read past the first three reviews when they are in a hurry to make a purchase decision. The best management consultants are attentive to the factors that omnichannel marketing bring into play nowadays. Have all your bases covered by increasing your sales through online reputation management.