The Benefit of Apple Lightning Cables

Any fan of Apple products knows that this is a company that seems hell bent on doing things their own way.  Indeed, Apple does not seem to like to go with the crowd; rather they pay attention to what the market wants—or, more importantly, will want—and then tries to find ways to make a statement in that trend.  And without this mindset, Apple may not have found the level of success they currently have:  as a leader in the tech world.


But Apple’s commitment to this level of oddity has less to do with being stubborn and more about proprietary quality.  Apple is insistent on making their own products—and making them a certain way—so that they can better develop the products as they see fit.  After all, you rarely hear about an Apple device being infected with a virus and it is similarly very rare that Apple software encounters a scripting error—something quite common among both Windows and Android programs thanks to the disconnect between programmers and hardware makers.Image result for The Benefit of Apple Lightning Cables


Take, for example, the Apple charging cable—or the “Lightning cable”.  The lightning cable is uniquely designed for both charging and data.  More importantly, Apple iPhones have a processor that detects when the phone is plugged in (as opposed to data cable use) that reroutes electrical signals for the purpose of charging.


Unique design like this does, in fact, effect the overall price of the device.  In fact, many critics of Apple complain that these features are more cosmetic than useful—a so called “Apple Tax”—that is designed solely to increase price (and therefore, revenue).  But Apple devices have an authentication chip that makes sure you are using an official and certified Apple lightning cable with your authentic Apple device.  

That is an important distinction. When you buy an Android phone, for example, you can buy accessories from just about anyone, and that means you never really know for sure if the cable is authentic—and therefore if it is of the highest quality.  


Short answer, yes.  Apple lightning cables are based exclusively on the existing USB 2.0 connectivity.  More importantly, Apple’s next generation cables—Thunder Cables—are based on the newest USB 3.0 connectivity.  Apple, however, has also developed lightning-to-HDMI and lightning-to-VGA cables that let you use your iPhone to transmit video through a display device.  It is likely that Apple will soon have similar Thunder cables.
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