The art of getting followers on twitter. SMM reseller panel

We decided to call this article “the art” because these advice will be suitable only for those who has already tried most of the known ways to get the twitter followers. We want to remind you that getting the twitter followers is actually a big work and lost of things to manage that why we offer you to try our amazing service that will do everything for you and save your time and money (we have more reasonable price than anyone and that’s why we are so popular in such countries as USA and Japan).

After you read our previous articles and tried to follow our instructions ( we hope that even a star follows you now ), you might be interested what else you could do to make you twitter account even more popular and this article is exactly for the “professional” twitter users!

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Follow your soulmates!

It could sound weird and a bit disappointing, but if you think – the best way to get people read you is to get people with the same ideas and interests. It’s quite easy to find them as twitter already took care about it and made a special column “people that are similar to you”. They will notice you and surely start to follow as the first and main idea of twitter is actually sharing the ideas. But be careful and don’t follow too many people as then they can think you are a spammer and won’t follow you.

If you are confident enough and sure you have really interesting ideas (may be you promote some movement), then you can ask your followers to retweet you – that will place yo out of your own followers list. You don’t need to make a special post dedicated to this, but just add at the end of your tweet something like “please, retweet” and this will be enough to let your followers understand what you are asking to. Some people make the whole twitter pages dedicated to some theme (like when you are trying to collect the money for some person recovery for example). Then you just give a link to this page in your tweet and ask to retweet – this system works quite well.


Repeat some of your most popular tweets.

If you put on Google your twitter login you will see a list of your most popular tweets and people’s answers to it. The tweets that got many likes and reposts can be posted ones again after 8-12 hours. By this trick you will get the attention of those who missed your tweet and will see it for the first time – so you can be sure you’ve got everything you could from it. If someone starts to complain that you have already posted this information before – just do it more rare (or ban these people).

 The twitter followers getting strategy

So here you are with lots of followers and lots of people that are followed by you. Not to go over the limit of followers – unfollow those who didn’t follow you back! The first limit you can reach is 2000 people – after this you won’t be able to follow anyone unless 2000 people follow you as well. Once it happened you should start to unfollow someone. But how to choose? First of all unfollow those who’s posts are not interested to you or who doesn’t post much – like this you won’t feel that you are going to miss something important.

Its not quite easy to clean the list of your followers as every time you will need to check if the person follows you back, but there are some special services tag can help you with that.

As soon as your list will become more free, you can choose again who to follow and if you do everything right, your list of followers will just keep growing.