Tests4Geeks Is Great Alternative of Codility (And Cheaper!)

Everything in life has become very technology dependent now which has lead to tech start ups sprouting up every day. And knowledgeable and excellent developers are very important for tech companies, even non tech companies often need them on contract basis or for full time in order to build an app for business, revamp and maintain websites, create business solutions, so on and so forth. There are millions of developers out there who will be happy to do the job for you, but not all of them have the necessary credentials or the skills to create what you want.

So, you need to go about hiring a developer very carefully. This is one of those decisions that can change the future of your business. An excellent programmer can boost your business and take it a long way. He or she will probably help you in recruiting excellent developers when your business expands and one developer is not enough to handle the job. Fairly good or mediocre programmers are easier to recruit, but they will only produce low quality codes and programs.

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Save time with pre screening

So, how can you ensure that you are hiring the best without spending days interviewing hundreds of candidates? The answer is to test programmers online and short listing before moving to the interview stage. This way you won’t have to deal with incompetent developers and waste your time. There are quite a few websites that can help you with this. In my honest opinion, tests4geeks is the best. Many recruiters would probably choose Codility over Tests4geeks, but they would be missing out on a really good threshold skills assessment program for developers.

Codility is not up to the mark

Codility has been around far longer than tests4geeks, but there are some key issues with Codility. It doesn’t adequately test a developer’s real world coding skills. The tests are time bound and questions are unrealistic. Many an experienced developers holding high level jobs will probably fail a Codility test and be objectively rejected. But this is not a reflection of their coding skill but rather showcases the fallibility of Codility. It only tests how good a candidate is in throwing out solutions under pressure. But practically competitive coding is not a job requirement for developers. They usually take days and weeks to develop the software or application or module that is asked of them. They always think about the code even when they are eating, sleeping or driving home, until a solution comes to their mind. It’s the quality of the solution that matters, not how quickly the solution was arrived at. But with Codility it’s a race against time, so the quality suffers.

Tests4geeks vs. Codility

Codility was probably one of the earliest pre screening tools, but over the years younger and better options have come to the market. Tests4geeks is by far the best alternative to Codility. The tests are more comprehensive and better suited to test the knowledge and developing skills of a candidate. PHP, HTML, .net, JavaScript, Python, Databases, Java, and iOS are available for testing along with a number of subcategories. You can pick any test or a combination of tests and invite a candidate to take the test. The test will assess a candidate on their general knowledge on the subject and languages that they are taking the test for. The customizability of the tests is very useful as different developer posts require different skill sets and you can test the candidates accordingly. The result will be delivered to your mail. You can check it out and decide whether the candidate is worth your time or not. The questionnaire is quite extensive with each section consisting of a minimum of 20 questions. The developers at tests4geeks have gone an extra mile to ensure that all the questions live up to the real world requirements that developers are likely to face.  They update the questionnaire frequently in order to keep up with the times. In Codility the questions tend to be very academic in nature and tend to test the mathematical abilities of a candidate without much preference for their problem solving abilities.

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Branding and pricing

One other advantage of tests4geeks is that they will let you rebrand the tests as your own; you can use your company’s logo and domain name when you send the test links to potential employees. This option is not available in Codility. As far as Pricing is concerned in tests4geeks you can access unlimited tests for a month at only $99.95 whereas to access all the features of Codility, you will have to pay a hefty sum of $399.

Which one is better for a developer; Codility or tests4geeks

If you are a developer looking for new job opportunities, you might have to face Codility tests. They are quite complex without much purpose. There is a section available for programmers that you can use to hone your skill. The section is available on a 7 day trial after that you will have to pay for membership. Another issue is that though Codility allows you to code on your own platform and then copy paste the same, this could be construed as cheating by the recruiter and get you rejected. So, you will probably have to type everything if you use another platform. But the worst thing about Codility is that when you take a test assigned to you by a recruiter, you will never really know how well or how bad you did unless the recruiter lets you know. There is no way to learn from your mistakes as you wouldn’t have any idea as to what mistakes you made. Being rejected by a test without knowing what you did wrong can put a damper on your confidence.

The tests4geeks is very useful for developers; you can take the tests and enclose the results with your resume. This is guaranteed to brighten your prospects in the job market. This tool is very helpful if you want to stay in the loop and not fall behind. You can take the tests to get a measure of your own abilities and where you stand in regards to the latest developments. You will receive a detailed report of your test and find out your strengths and weaknesses so that you can make improvements where improvement is due.