Take a Look on Design and Hardware Specification of BB-8

BB-8 is based on the droid from the movie Star-Wars: The Force Awakens that combines Sphero’s existing robotic ball technology along with Star Wars Universe. It has a fun backstory, and Lucasfilm helped to design this toy.  Lucasfilm provided Sphero with all necessary details on BB-8, design feedback, and iconic sound, which brings the toy’s personality into life. The bb8 star wars toy controls are simple for kids to use and have fun around the house. 

Specification of BB-8:

  • Name of the toy: BB-8 Planet Boy Robot
  • Control range: About 5-10m
  • Remote controller battery: 2 * AA battery
  • Body battery: 4 * AA battery
  • Size of the toy: About 20.5 * 13cm
  • Weight of BB-8: 481 gram

Features of BB-8:

  • The star war robot BB-8 works on 2.4GHz remote control system
  • It has the capability of 360-degree rotation form.
  • Moreover, it also has a magnetic suspension structure
  • Even the star war toy restores the movie sound effect and produces a cool light effect
  • It also has a BB-8 app that adds more magic to the BB-8 droid
  • Besides, many built-in extras are available in this toy and offer lots of things to do with it

A review of design and hardware of BB-8:

In terms of design, it consists of a sphere ball that looks similar to the original Sphero. It also has a droid head fit onto the ball with the help of magnets. There are a set of wheels under the head, which allows it to move around and stay in place when it is in motion. Moreover, it is about the size of the baseball and fits in your palm. If you already have a Sphero, then the BB-8 body is the same size as the Sphero ball. The head of the toy is about the size of half a ping-pong ball. In addition, the head is adorned with two ornamental antennae. Its head and body made of a smooth and durable plastic and LEDs placed inside it. It allows BB-8 to light up and durable plastic make it remain undamaged even it is slammed into walls.

The star wars robot bb8 body is similar to Sphero ball, which has been painted with Star Wars markings in order to match the movie. When you used a Sphero before, you will get an idea of how the star war toy looks and feels in action. A gyroscope is used inside the BB-8 to determine orientation and electronics and motors used to power it. There is a set of wheels to make the ball roll. You can connect and control BB-8 by the iPhone, which uses Bluetooth to send commands to the ball. The toy has a thirty-meter range and lasts about sixty minutes on a single charge. You would not be able to do much when you do not have an android or iPhone. When charging or not in use, it sits on a matching inductive charging state, which plugs into the wall.