Some of the best managed WordPress Hosting Providers present in the market

WordPress which started back in the year 2003 as a tool to encourage the typography of everyday writing has made giant strides over the last decade or so. A great proof of this fact is that it now has tens of millions of people on it on a regular basis. It has now become the largest self-hosted blogging tool all over the world. WordPress as a concept is very simple. It is an open source project on which anyone can work on at any time of the day. People use it for a variety of purposes and they write different kind of things on it. Anyone can read and comment on these writing. It is very simple to download and install it on your system. However one tricky thing is to choose the right kind of WordPress hosting provider. The plan that you choose depends on your usage and your demands. However it is good to have an idea about the different providers that are there. In this article we will be discussing some of the best managed WordPress hosting providers, to help you choose better.

  • InMotion Hosting: In motion Housing is one of those hosting providers who have a very good name in the market for being reliable. It has been present for more than a decade and can boast of many a satisfied customer. It provides high performance shared Linux hosting options for WordPress. Some of the benefits of this provider is that it comes with a free SSD storage, PHP 7, Optimum cache and other goodies. These make your WordPress experience a lot simpler. This product also ensures that your content remains very secure by automatically backing your content up. The 24/7 server monitoring and the easy set up and great after sales service makes it one of the most trustworthy companies. It offers three packages for the customer to choose from. These three are Launch, which costs $3.49 per month, Power with a price of $4.49 and Pro with a price of $7.49. These three packages offer different amount of websites, disk space, bandwidth and different overall performance. So one should always choose widely depending on the needs of an individual.
  • Hub: This too works on Linux with flexible resource allocation that increases the CPU, RAM and I/O request processing capabilities. This product is very easy to set up and the updates too happen automatically making it ideal for beginners. It offers a very impressive 100% network uptime with unlimited bandwidth. The pack for this provider starts from $2.99 per month only. What makes this Hub one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers is the fact that its management has ensured that if a customer faces any kind of problem then the query or the issue is sorted in as minimum time as possible. The after sales service of this product is top notch. Hub offers its customers free domain or domain transfer along with free themes which the customer can personalise according to his/her choice.