Soaring jobs in TALEND and its Features

Data is everywhere and anytime. With the world becoming tech savvy with each passing day, there’s a prior need for enterprises to effectively manage trillions of bytes of data, and gain insights from them. For accomplishing the task, you must rely on IT to access the data and spend days with tools like Excel to fix and organize your requirements.

Talendaids businesses achievethis while boosting productivity and lessening time-to-value.

Job Trends in Talend

Talend has already got a spot and name in the “Visionaries” quadrant by Gartner in 2015 and the future industry of it looks bright. Therefore, it’s high time for the developers to focus on Talend and its abilities.

Talend Job Roles

Developers find it easy to build data integration workflows that are clean. Then they can transform and integrate this data on Hadoop so as to make it a popular choice for enterprises.

Some of the popular job roles are:

  • Talend Developer
  • Talend ETL Developer
  • Talend Admin

Talend Salary Trends

Indeed makes a point that the average salary of a Talend Developer in the United States is $105,000.The number of job postings nationwide has been in constant growth. It is depicted in the graph below:


India,too, has been experiencing an emerging increase in establishment of data-driven companies such as GE, L&T Infotech, all laying hand out for Talend developers.

What is Talend?

Talendemerges as a leader in big data integration software that aid companies emerge as data driven by making data more accessible, and qualitativewhen needed in real-time. By attaining the above feature,Talend’s open-source based solutions enable companies to performusing exact, real-time information about their business, consumers, and industry.

Talend is the prime open source data integration software based on Eclipse RCP that bears implementations of ETL, enable on-premises deployment along with software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model. Talendprovidesentirely new vision, in the way of utilizing technologyand its business model. The organizationexplodes the traditional model of proprietary by contributing open, distinct and strong software solutions with ability to meet data integration needs of all ranges of enterprises.

Why Talend?

Talend is the leading Open Source software provider for enterprises dealing with data-driven. Customers have the ability to connectTalend at any time. Doesn’t matter if it is from data or application integration, Talend connects itat a scale of 5 times faster and at 1/5th of the actual cost.

Talend Features

Talendproffers robust data integration to enhance business value.Talend software yieldstools to integrate and profile data, enabling to acquire faster decisions.

  • Develop and deploy 5 times faster
  • Synchronizing metadata
  • Self-service data preparation
  • Data integration at as low as 1/5th the price

Talend Products

Big Data Integration

Talend Big Data streamlines the growth, automation and administration of big data by reducing the work of learning, writing and maintaining complicated Hadoop code. Talenddeliverslocal and optimized code generation to load, transform data within Hadoop, without any need of extra storage.

Data Integration

Talend Data Integration is open and scalable solution for automating, cleansing and profiling all data of the enterprise. This product aids collaboration and administration tools.

Master Data Management

Talend Master Data Management helps consolidate product and customer data across businesses, in order to create a single “version of the truth”.

Application Integration

Talend Application Integration yields a set of application tools to design service-oriented architecture, and linkcontrol services in real-time.


Talend Integration Cloud is a firmlygoverned integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) for sharing and cleansing cloud as well as on-premise data.

Data Preparation

Talend Data Preparation is an open source application of data cleansing for data recognition, envision and enrichment.

Product pricing

Talendfinalizes and fix product pricingbased on developers, but not on CPUs or connectors.

Benefits of Talend:

  • Business modeling
  • Graphical representation
  • Design and execution of Metadata-driven
  • Real-time debugging
  • Robust execution


Talend presents open source solutions for organizations dealing with big data, application and data integration management.Get talend training to land in a good job in IT.

Talend’s platform meets all needs of data integration and governance. Its features, ease of use, and scalability are at par. Hence, Talend is the ultimate choice to meet market requirements andall the needs ofthe future.