Should you make use of the WPSOLR Plugin?


Plugins are important attachments that can be used for several sites. WordPress has become a crucial platform for many people to base their websites on. But the search option can be a disturbing because of its lack of features. So, the WPSOLR Plugin has been launched to solve the problem. The plugin helps in beating the problem of searching on a WordPress site. Let us see how it has changed the mode of search in the WordPress world.

What is the WPSOLR Plugin?


The WPSOLR Plugin is mainly a search plugin that can be attached to a WordPress website to give it the power of a supersonic search option. A plugin is basically a code that someone has written to make a very simple program that can be useful for many. It is an easy option for the people as they wouldn’t need to code for their website. The WPSOLR Plugin has certain qualities that would make the quality of search much better than the normal search present on a WordPress website.

What are the features of the WPSOLR Plugin?


  • The plugin operates quite quickly and it is able to search through the contents of the website extensively to provide search results to the visitor.
  • The search results are often quite accurate than the usual search results presented in WordPress. They are closest to the search keyword or phrase that the visitor provides while searching.
  • Often people have to go through archives when they are normally searching on WordPress. But with the WPSOLR, they get to use filters such as size, price, manufacturer and other things that would narrow down the results. It is a crucial step in searching for a specific result.
  • Every search option isn’t compatible with all the file types. But this plugin supports the search of 70 types of files and they are expanding every day according to requirement.

Why should one use the WPSOLR Plugin?


  • The bounce rate of the website becomes quite less as the visitors are getting what they are actually looking for. The visitors can get their job done very quickly.
  • The plugin costs quite less when compared to other similar services. The yearly pack also comes with tonnes of added bonuses that one can use.

In conclusion, it can be said that the WPSOLR Plugin is a useful thing to use on WordPress sites. One can definitely give it a try if their visitors are complaining about uneven search results. It would help them in several aspects of time saving and accuracy.