Seven tips for increasing website conversions

You certainly want people to visit your website, but you want them to do more than that – you want them to become customers. What are the best ways to convert surfers into buyers?

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1. First impressions count

You want people to buy from you rather than your competitors, so your website needs to impress, and it only has a few seconds to do so. Your website is your shop window, so it needs to look professional and be easy to navigate.

2. Contact information

If people can’t contact you, you could be losing business, so make sure your details are easy to find. Keep in mind that including phone numbers and a postal address helps build confidence that you’re a reliable business.

3. Action stations

Your website needs to provide visitors with an appropriate call to action. These should allow visitors to find other parts of the site as they need them and ultimately take them on a path to getting in touch with you or making a purchase.

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4. User interface

A professional web development company in London with Web development services will help you build a site that that not only looks good and is easy to use, but also works seamlessly on a range of desktop and mobile devices.

5. Special offers

One of the best ways to attract customers is through the use of incentives and offers. These help to bring in new customers, and they can assist in winning repeat business, too. This doesn’t necessarily mean discounting prices; you can look at things like loyalty schemes and delivery incentives for buying multiple products.

6. It pays to advertise

If you’re already offering incentives, make sure your customers know about them. Can you offer extras during the checkout process – for example, to gain added sales? If you’re selling services, do you offer free quotes or fixed-price consultations?

7. Added value

You want people to choose your business ahead of your competitors, and one of the best ways to do that is to ensure they understand your value proposition. What is going to make them choose you instead of someone else? Is it lower prices? Better service? Convenience? You need to work out what you can do to add value and use that as a selling point.