SEO Keyword Placement and Positioning

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Online writing is part science, part art. Researching the right keywords is science. The art is using them with ideal keyword density, SEO placement, and SEO positioning

Good search engine optimization writing means more than just picking the perfect keywords. SEO keyword position and keyword density determines the success of search engine optimization content as endorsed by James Smith who offers London seo freelance services

Choose the Best SEO Keywords

Before writing any SEO content, outline the article and break it up into sections of two or three related paragraphs. Research keywords that will best help readers to find the content, using any of the online keyword tools available for marketers and webmasters.

Write Around SEO Keyword Phrases

Any good writer uses at least a loose outline when they write. After drawing up the outline, the SEO writer also needs to look at his or her keyword list and decide which words and phrases will go where. Insert keywords directly into the outline and use it as a guide.

Best Placement and Position for Keyword Optimization

Bear in mind that both search engines and readers will look for clues about the content of an article in specific places. It’s crucial to put the most important keywords in these four areas:

Title and subtitle


First paragraph

Ranking the keywords in order of importance or relevance to the article and making sure that they appear in these four vital sections is key to SEO writing.

Ideal Keyword Density and Use

After the technical part of SEO writing is done – successfully identifying keywords and outlining an article – a writer’s job is not finished. It must be written to make it appear as though the keywords appear naturally. While preferred keyword density differs from one search engine to another, the general consensus seems to be that a range of 1%-3% is an ideal keyword density.

An article full of spelling or grammatical errors, forced keyword placement, SEO keyword stuffing (overkill of certain key words,) or awkward language typical of a word spinner will hurt the article’s page ranking significantly. High page ranking signals high quality, and is very helpful in getting Internet traffic.

Never Write Before Doing Keyword Research

Whatever the topic, never allow a word of an SEO article to be written without doing some solid keyword research first! One of the biggest mistakes of a new search engine optimization writer is to write first, then sit down and try to pick keywords out of it later. Good SEO content is always written with specific key words and phrases in mind.

There is a lot to know about using SEO keywords to maximize the success of online content. Keyword selection is the first and most important part of Internet writing, but quality writing and good SEO positioning is also a critical matter.