SEO Copywriting Tips to Maximize Your Ranking

Search Engine Optimization copywriting refers to the science and art of writing copy which ranks strong in search. This can be easy for you if you’re working in this field for years. It’s also a brilliant way to obtain profitable web traffic without spending much of dollars on paid advertising. There is a reliable tool, called rank trakcer by which you can track keyword rankings across multiple search engines and websites.

Copywriting is not only about traffic and rankings. SEO copywriting is also about selling products, building authority, and engaging readers. Here are the tips best SEO copywriting tips to increase your search engine ranking.

Captivating headline

A captivating headline makes your content readable and can set the tone for the topic. Try to include your keyword in the title, which is important for both the search engine rankings and for the readers. Your good title will encourage the reader to click on them. If you’re using numbers in your titles, try using odd numbers which attracts the readers the most.

Use short paragraphs, sub-headlines, and bullets

Subheading guides your readers through the content and describes the content to the search engine. Short paragraphs, numbered lists and bullets make your content more digestible, which encourage readers to read the entire content. If your content is thought-provoking and great, they reference it or share it within their content. It means that their readers are reading the content as well as sharing it. It increases the trust and authority levels which in return increases the SEO ranking of your content. You can check your SEO ranking using a rank trakcer app available online.

Use an active voice and power words

Power words are a great way to make your reader excited. A power word has an impact on readers which creates an active voice that is persuasive, energetic, and direct.

Forget keyword density

It’s important to include strong keywords in your content but try not to over-optimize it. You’re publishing your content to tell them something important which is not possible with heavy keywords; it makes your content stuffed with keywords and your ideas are not clearly expressed. You can use related keywords, grammatical variations, and synonyms to reduce redundancy and increase your search engine rankings.

Write Meta description

When your page pops up in search engine results, Meta descriptions are the first things reader sees. If you don’t generate a Meta description for your content, the search engine will include one for you. Make sure you write something which markets your content and includes specific keywords because it catches the attention of the reader.

Include external links

You can also link some external trusted websites and blogs to make your content more valuable in the eyes of search engine. It’s a great way to add information, to support key points, and to cite external sources.

SEO copywriting is something which inspires readers to visit your blog or website, providing them with a source to talk about on social media, and creating a relation with readers which turns them into promoters and customers of your brand.