Search engine optimization: A process based on rules.


One of the most used terms in digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This era is an era of digitalization. Availability and accessibility of the internet have changed the entire scenario of buying and selling process. Today, the buyer has thousands of options to select from, which has further increased the difficulty for website owners according to SEO Shark’s website. For example: if a user wants to look for either some information or product or service, he/she just has to enter the information in the search section of the search engine. Within few seconds SERP provides thousands of results based on the keywords used by the user. The websites which hold the higher positions in the result will have higher chances of search engine user visiting them. SEO is the marketing tool which helps the websites in achieving higher ranks in these search engines.

The process of optimizing the website depending on the rules set by search engines is called SEO. With the passage of time, search engines keep on changing their rules. Hence, in order to maintain their visibility on SERP, it becomes very important for websites to keep on updating their websites using SEO techniques.

SEO is a continuous process. The process can be divided into three stages:

  1. Technical SEO: The very first stage in the SEO process deals with making changes in the website’s settings. The main aim of this stage is to make sure that the search engine can do crawling and indexing of the website without facing any issue.
  1. On-Site SEO: On-Site or On Page forms the second stage of search engine operation. As the name suggests, this stage covers the content part of the website. This includes both the website content which a user can see like images, video, text or audio content and the content which is read by search engines in the form of signals like keywords, structured data and, HTML tags.
  1. Off-page SEO: Like on-site SEO, Off-site SEO also helps in improving the ranking position of the website. It deals with building backlinks
    • PPC marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Reviews
    • User-generated content

SEO plays a very important role in increasing the visibility of a website and building up the customer’s trust.